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Rick Perry: Obama “Hell Bent on making USA Socialist”

TX Gov Rick PerryThis is an administration hell-bent on taking America towards a socialist country.

If you disagree strongly with Gov. Perry on that assertion, chances are you are simply sympathetic to the socialism that Obama loves so dearly.  I do wonder whether you are a Loser Socialist (parasite) or a Benefactor Socialist (elitist self-appointed politburo member), but since both groups believe in slavery to the state the distinction is not that important.

If you feel that way perhaps you should go live in Europe for a few years to see how the standard of living compares and enjoy some of that socialized medicine rather than trying to push my country into that “only good for the losers and the rulers” misery of collectivism.

“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of misery.”
Winston Churchill

Churchill put it well, didn’t he?  And he might as well have been discussing ObamaCare .  With 85% of Americans happy with their health insurance, ObamaCare is just another case of trashing the entire system to be most conducive to the needs of the least ambitious, biggest losers in our society.  But everyone knows that this is not about health care at all but is instead about dependency and the power that it generates and cements.  Obama, Reid, and Pelosi do not care one bit about your health care.  They simply want to control you via the best means possible.  They are egregiously dishonest and power hungry statists.

Check out Gov. Perry’s short speech discussing what the Obama administration is doing in Presidio, TX with captured illegal aliens:


Bachmann rallies citizens to D.C.

A good measure of a conservative is how much they are despised by the hard left, and Michele Bachmann is one of those who the Kos crowd loves to hate.  In this video, Bachmann calls on Americans to come to D.C. to protest Pelosi’s just-released health care bill.

We need you here, you need to come to the nation’s capital.  We’re going to have a house call on Congress and the members of Congress need to see the whites of your eyes and you need to see the whites of the eyes of your member of Congress.  Talk to your member of Congress and talk to your Senators.  We’re going to have a house call and a big party out on the national mall and we are going to tell Congress what they can do with their health care bill.

“This is socialization of America if this bill goes through, and after next Friday it will be too late to talk to your member of Congress.”

Tea Party Movie Trailer

I found a trailer for a Tea Party movie produced by a company called Ground Floor:


Make Mine Freedom

Bugs Bunny MinutemanIf you watch an old Bugs Bunny cartoon you will often notice something that seems absent in today’s offerings.  It’s patriotism and pride in America.

There was a time when the creative people in America who made cartoons and movies and television programs actually used their talents for good rather than evil, a time when that flavor of individual was still proud to be American and still appreciated the principles and concepts that made America great.  I don’t know when that line was crossed, when it became fact that almost all such people pine for theoretical collectivist systems that destroy freedom.  Perhaps it coincides with that time decribed by Ronald Reagan as when the Democrat party left him as opposed to the often-suggested opposite.

This brilliant 9 minute cartoon, titled Make Mine Freedom, was produced by John Sutherland in 1948 and does a good job of demonstrating the ism’s that claim to offer a utopia but in fact only destroy freedom and prosperity.  All of the points made in this timeless video are incredibly applicable now as Americans debate, and in some cases actively work to prevent, Mr. Obama’s stated intent to “remake” America.

In the video, a snake oil salesman who could easily be Barack Obama tries to sell his tonic of “ISMs” t0 the naive representatives of labor, management, and politics.  Before they readily agree to the contract trading their freedoms for security, another character representing the regular people implores them to have some sense and shows them what the results would be.

Big Hand of the StateWarning the industrialist about the future, the image is of the big Hand of The State throwing the man out of his factory, declaring:

The State is the supreme court.  Our decision is as follows.  No more private property.  No more you.

Then a line that could be taken from today’s news describing the tactics of the Obama administration:

When anybody preaches disunity, tries to pit one against the other through class warfare, race hatred, or religious intolerance you know that person seeks to rob us of our freedoms and destroy our very lives.  And we know what to do about it.”

One year.  Let’s keep our heads on straight and fight this holding action until we can take back our government.

The video closes with this statement:

Working together to create an ever increasing abundance of material and spiritual values for all, that is the secret of American Prosperity.

Do not let yourself confuse false security with freedom.

Is Nullification in the Air?

Lew Rockwell, whose work I have followed for years over at the Ludwig von Mises Institute , had an interesting conversation with Judge Andrew Napolitano on the subject of states’ rights and nullification.  The gist of the discussion was about the legitimacy (and history) of the states in effect vetoing unconstitutional laws enacted by the federal government, ignoring them and in some cases preventing the feds from enforcing them.

A good example of this are California’s medical marijuana laws.  Anyone with an intellectual interest in the US Constitution has pondered the fact that back in 1919 the congress was honest enough to admit that they had no power to regulate alcohol and therefore needed to pass the 18th amendment to grant themselves that power.  Given that there has never been a consitutional amendment passed granting the federal government the power to regulate hemp, California is completely correct when it thumbs its nose at the federal government.

This video is seven minutes long but fairly interesting, Judge Napolitano is always fun to watch:

GOP Web Ad: Broken Promises

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has made a web ad calling out President Obama and the Democrat party leadership for their complete lack of transparency.  Remember the soaring campaign rhetoric spewed by say-anything candidate Barack Obama?  I’ll bet that you do.

Surely Charles Gibson will do a big story soon on the Obama campaign rhetoric about transparency and its contrast to today’s reality, which includes voting on bills neither read nor even completely written as well as threats involving the use of reconciliation to make an end-run around congressional rules.

Those Chicago mobsters just moved their racket to D.C.  Hope and Change my posterior.

Wynn Teaches Basic Economics to Gov. Granholm

In what was a lively discussion on Fox News Sunday, Steve Wynn responds to Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s stubborn defense of President Obama’s stimulus package by giving her a very brief lesson in basic economics:

If we had taken the tax-cutting response to this recession the economy would be in much better shape today.  But our ideologue-in-chief could not do something like that, so utterly anathema to everything in which he believes.