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GOP House Call II

This is a bit late, but Marooned In Marin has a good wrapup of last Saturday’s House Call II at the capital.  I grabbed a couple of his pictures to show here but he has a lot more as well as some good video.

Can You Hear Us Now

Are you drinking tea or Kool Aid


A House Call at the Capitol

It would appear that a good crowd showed up for Michele Bachman’s call for a House Call to the House to protest Speaker Pelosi’s horrible health care bill.  I have managed to snarf some initial pictures from Twitter and will post more as I get them.

First, it seems obvious that the Speaker of the House has control of the Capitol Web Camera:

Capital Cam Shut Down

Does Pelosi control this, perhaps?

A short video taken from the steps.  Can you hear the crowd chanting “Nancy”?

12 Months From Fundamental Change

Crowd 4

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Bachmann rallies citizens to D.C.

A good measure of a conservative is how much they are despised by the hard left, and Michele Bachmann is one of those who the Kos crowd loves to hate.  In this video, Bachmann calls on Americans to come to D.C. to protest Pelosi’s just-released health care bill.

We need you here, you need to come to the nation’s capital.  We’re going to have a house call on Congress and the members of Congress need to see the whites of your eyes and you need to see the whites of the eyes of your member of Congress.  Talk to your member of Congress and talk to your Senators.  We’re going to have a house call and a big party out on the national mall and we are going to tell Congress what they can do with their health care bill.

“This is socialization of America if this bill goes through, and after next Friday it will be too late to talk to your member of Congress.”

Democrats Pwned By Special Interests

For someone who has been observing politics for a while it’s hysterical to listen to Democrat politicans rail against the “special interests” that they claim run the opposing party.  They even try to paint a picture of some sinister Special Interests behind the August push-back at the myriad of Town Hall meetings across the US when in fact the organized astroturfing in those conflicts came as a union-goon response from the Left.

Their accusations of special interests behind any opposition to their plans are ridiculous because the Democrats are owned lock, stock, and barrell, by some Very Special Interests.  Between the bolshevik labor unions and the American Trial Lawyers Association the Democrat Party marionettes have very little wiggle room.  Americans saw union influence actually override bankruptcy law in the case of [forever dead to me] GM and Chrysler and we perennially see union special interests further destroy the American education system.  More obvious in the current debate about socialized medicine is the 300 pound gorilla in the living room of tort reform.

Writing over at the wonderful Big Government site, Capitol Confidential spills the beans on the Democrats’ continuing protection of their benefactors.  It’s short so I will quote the entire thing here:

The health care bill recently unveiled by Speaker Nancy Pelosi is over 1,900 pages for a reason. It is much easier to dispense goodies to favored interest groups if they are surrounded by a lot of legislative legalese. For example, check out this juicy morsel to the trial lawyers (page 1431-1433 of the bill):

Section 2531, entitled “Medical Liability Alternatives,” establishes an incentive program for states to adopt and implement alternatives to medical liability litigation. [But]…… a state is not eligible for the incentive payments if that state puts a law on the books that limits attorneys’ fees or imposes caps on damages.

So, you can’t try to seek alternatives to lawsuits if you’ve actually done something to implement alternatives to lawsuits. Brilliant! The trial lawyers must be very happy today!

While there is debate over the details, it is clear that medical malpractive lawsuits have some impact on driving health care costs higher. There are likely a number of procedures that are done simply as a defense against future possible litigation. Recall this from the Washington Post

“Lawmakers could save as much as $54 billion over the next decade by imposing an array of new limits on medical malpractice lawsuits, congressional budget analysts said today — a substantial sum that could help cover the cost of President Obama’s overhaul of the nation’s health system. New research shows that legal reforms would not only lower malpractice insurance premiums for medical providers, but would also spur providers to save money by ordering fewer tests and procedures aimed primarily at defending their decisions in court, Douglas Elmendorf, director of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, wrote in a letter to Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah).”

Stay tuned. There are certainly many more terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad provisions in this massive bill.

One could argue that if the American media was a watchdog rather than a lapdog they would point out the truly sinister special interests that manipulate and control most of the agenda of the American Left.

Luntz Memo On ObamaCare

[Hat tip to Hot Air for the link to the Washington Examiner story]

Writing in the Washington Examiner Byron York comments on strategist Frank Luntz’ recently released memo Health Reform Language Highlights.  You may be familar with Luntz as the pollster who gives a group of people hand-held controllers and monitors their real time reaction to statements, showing a live graph typically broken up by party affiliation.

Luntz begins by pointing out, presumably for the under-40 crowd,  the repeat of history that we are seeing.

I was there in 1994. I saw what happened when a once-popular president tried to push healthcare legislation that Americans didn’t want or appreciate. I witnessed the electoral implications when his administration tried to expand the role of government against the wishes of, well, almost everyone. And it’s happening once again.

At face value it seems really stupid for President Obama to repeat this a mere 15 years later but after observing his first nine months in office it is clear that this is just par for the course for Barack Obama.  Like Luntz, I was there for the 1993/1994 Clinton overreach and was a vocal part of the crowd that pushed back in the 1994 (and subsequent) elections but I came away from it being impressed by the realistic response by Clinton, who was pushed to the center and made the best of it.  Based upon that still recent political history I expected a  more thoughtful approach from the allegedly-brilliant new President.  I was disappointed.

Obama wagging his finger at usThere is a certain flavor of individual who will always act like history started the moment that he stepped up to the scene.

It is clear that Barack Obama possesses a sincerely held belief in his own magnificence and truly does act like history started the moment that he stepped up, implicitly rejecting the attempts and results of those who have come before.  We see this demonstrated with the bulk of his foreign policy decisions and foreign speeches as well as his “government is the only answer” response to every domestic issue.  Perhaps this attitude is related to the general attitude that many of Mr Obama’s socialist fellow travelers have about world implementations of their nice little theoretical systems.  Sure, they have all sucked so far, dude, but we haven’t had our crack at it yet!

Beyond a lot of good points by Luntz in terms of how to best debate the issue, including his announcement that it is okay to criticize the president now, I liked the look of this graph and you will too:

Luntz Survey Results 10-31-2009

The price for supporting ObamaCare

Read the Frank Luntz memo here.

The Reality of Socialized Medicine

Unbelievable. Look at this picture from an article in the UK Sun.

Broken arm in UKTorron fractured his arm on December 3, 2008, and rushed straight to casualty where doctors put his arm in plaster.

The first two ops were cancelled due to a lack of beds and operating time, claimed Torron.

Then two more were delayed because of Torron’s high blood pressure and concerns over his smoking.

Nick Carver, the chief executive of the East and North Herts NHS Trust, insisted computer records showed the trust had only cancelled two operations – one in February and a second in May.

He said proceeding with the operations could have put Torron’s life at risk.

It’s just another example of what happens when you let government control your health care system.

PSA – Listen to Overpaid Celebrities