Man of the Year 2009: Mark Levin

Though the egregiously biased and transparently liberal Time Magazine picks their Man of the Year based upon sheer newsworthiness without regard to whether the recipient had a positive or negative impact, I do not share their lack of concern for the results.  My Man of the Year nomination can only go to someone who has made positive contributions to my country.

Every conservative in America should be familiar with Mark Levin.  If you do not know him you are missing out on perhaps the sharpest mind in conservatism, and you are doing a disservice to yourself by not taking advantage of his knowledge and deep intellect.  The more you listen to “the Great One”, as his good friend Hannity calls him, the more prepared you will be to intellectually battle those on the left who seek to make us all slaves to the State.

Before early 2009 my exposure to Mark was limited to seeing him once or twice on Hannity & Colmes and hearing him call into Hannity’s radio show a few times.  To be completely honest, though it was obvious that he is brilliant, I considered him a little obnoxious.  Then last January, after the inauguration of the least qualified president in US History, I discovered the Mark Levin Radio Show podcast and started listening to it on my Zune whenever I was driving.  Being from the Atlanta area, I grew up listening to Neal Boortz, and I went through periods of listening to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and Martha Zoeller, but with a demanding job as a software developer I could not sit around and listen to their shows live.  My job simply requires too much concentration.  Additionally, coming from the libertarian side of conservatism I had little patience for GOP talking points and defense of their watered-down conservatism.

Unlike most of the rest of the syndicated conservative radio hosts, however, Mark Levin provides his radio show in podcast form for free.  In fact, it is almost always posted on his web site within 30-45 minutes of the end of the show, which runs live from 6-9pm eastern time.  Free access to his radio show in podcast form allows people like me to listen to his show when convenient, and I typically listen to the previous evening’s show the next morning while commuting.  In addition to clearly articulating the positions that I have been espousing for years, to a certain extent he has also restored my faith in my fellow Americans.  On his Friday show he closes with Ray Charles’ incredible version of America, and though I would initially skip it to get to those last three minutes of his show, now I listen to it and take strength from it.

In the spring of 2009, Mark released the most significant political book written in my lifetime.  The book, Liberty and Tyranny, is simply brilliant.  In one rather short book he very cogently brings together the most important concepts and historical perspectives of conservatism and American liberty that I have ever seen, and I have been reading the works of thinkers like Friedman and Hayek, as well as our founding documents and the Federalist Papers, for 20 years.  The fact of the matter is that if you are conservative and have not read Liberty and Tyranny, you are truly doing yourself a disservice.  Carefully reading this book will arm you for philosophical exchanges around the water cooler, or your favorite blog, like nothing else can.  To gain the insights that you will get from Liberty and Tyranny, you would have to read dozens of other books, but Mark has pulled together the most important concepts and historical examples into this one short book.  Furthermore, it is a remarkably good read, which is more than one can say for most political books by conservatives.

Libertarian leaning conservatives like me have been quoting the founding fathers and the US Constitution from memory for a couple of decades, but thanks to Mark Levin’s book and his radio show regular people are now doing the same thing.  They are actually reading the text of the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and even the Federalist Papers.  They are learning more about the history of their country, the greatest nation in the history of mankind, and are gaining more depth and perspective to fight this battle against statism, a word that Levin has pushed back into the lexicon.  Mark Levin has made that happen through his great book, his entertaining radio show, and the force of his honest and direct personality.  Mark also shares my feelings of respect for our country and the people who serve her, giving a shout out to the military, police, and firefighters at the close of each show.

It is unlikely that I will ever be fortunate enough to meet Mark and express my gratitude and respect, but he is and will always be a brother.  One need only listen to Mark for 10 minutes to realize that what he says and the positions that he takes are based upon a deeply held love for America and what it stands for.  His show is not just entertainment; it is full of deep philosophical thought and reverence for the greatest country in history.

God bless you, Mark Levin.  You are the man of the year in my book.

Now let’s kick ass and take names in 2010.

11 responses to “Man of the Year 2009: Mark Levin

  1. Excellent choice and nice profile. Mark Levin explores the depths of conservatism and our great Constitution like no one–all part of batting clean-up! He deconstructs the day’s news and the only thing that peeves him more than liberals is liberalism in a GOP shroud; the man detests RINOs.

    I first stumbled on his show since he followed Hannity on WABC internet radio, and at first thought he was an acerbic nutcase. That lasted all of ten minutes.

    Like you, I have to focus at work so I depend on his free podcasts. I bought 3 copies of Liberty & Tyranny, which I hope is some compensation.

    Cheers, Mark

  2. I agree Rob, Mark is a gem.

    I am working on a new website, but check out my current site–

    I don’t agree that Rush espouses “GOP talking points and defense of their watered-down conservatism.” But that aside, I am in the GOP grassroots to change them.

    Glad you are out there helping kick some ass.

  3. Jen, I think that I could have communicated more clearly with respect to that statement about ‘watered-down conservatism’.

    I think that Rush is much better now than he was when I listened to him in the 90s. Back then he was far more of a GOP mouthpiece, but now he is almost as good as Levin when it comes to articulating true conservatism.

    Rush is sharp and is playing a key role in taking back our country.

  4. mark we the people love you glen beck hannity, savage please keep fighting for us we will do what ever it take to keep our freedoms don’t ever get dicouraged .you guys deserve the highest metal of honor. Iwant you to know that. I’am a x marine i don’t LOVE ANY MEN BUT I LOVE YOU AS A GREAT PERSON WORDS CAN NOT DESCRIBE WHAT YOU DO GOD BLESS YOU

  5. Darrell Mc Neill

    2010 is the year that we the people should support those who follow what our founding fathers did and believe in. If there’s no one in your area running for office that believes like that, run for office and win. We on the right need to show what makes America so great. Run, and run hard against those who would take this wonderful country down the dark path. Run, and get support from those around you. I plan to do just that. Darrell

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  7. Rob Waterson

    Okay, it was a cute turn of the phrase over at Conservative Talk Radio Recap (the pingback above) but I never really “tuned Mark out”. Being a busy engineer and parent I have no time for talk radio and did not listen to anyone, but once I discovered Mark’s show in podcast form and read his excellent book, I was indeed hooked.

  8. I have been slowly working on a series of posts about Mark’s Conservative Manifesto on my other blog.

    Please give it a look if you get a chance:

  9. he’s just another ugly little crank raving his way to the top

  10. Tupper Lake says: “just another ugly little crank raving his way to the top”

    Really? Who are the other ones?

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