Doctor Zero on the 2012 Election

Writing over at the fantastic Hot Air, Doctor Zero has some deep thoughts about the 2012 election.  Though the article is ostensibly about Sarah Palin the points that he makes are independent of Palin.  Whether you like Palin or not, his thoughtful perspective is not to be dismissed.

While discussing the fact that many liberals are trashing her book without reading it, he has some good advice:

Palin is a phenomenon, and honest liberals would be well-advised to read her work and understand her appeal, just as conservatives should read “Dreams From My Father” to understand the mind of Bill Ayers.

The national debt is piling up like sales of Palin’s book, and the elite don’t understand how either of them got so huge. Taxpayers are trapped on a Willy Wonka boat, hurtling through psychedelic clouds of uncontrolled spending, while the President sits in the back and mumbles nonsense rhymes about imaginary jobs created in non-existent Congressional districts. The people lining up to buy Palin’s book are not the authors of this careless, carnivorous government… but they are expected to pay for it. The assertion that someone who connects with them, and understands their beliefs, is unwelcome on the national stage is just the latest variation of “Shut up and pay your taxes.” No one should accept that attitude from a government as incompetent as the journalists who fawn over it.

Read the whole thing.

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