Rick Perry: Obama “Hell Bent on making USA Socialist”

TX Gov Rick PerryThis is an administration hell-bent on taking America towards a socialist country.

If you disagree strongly with Gov. Perry on that assertion, chances are you are simply sympathetic to the socialism that Obama loves so dearly.  I do wonder whether you are a Loser Socialist (parasite) or a Benefactor Socialist (elitist self-appointed politburo member), but since both groups believe in slavery to the state the distinction is not that important.

If you feel that way perhaps you should go live in Europe for a few years to see how the standard of living compares and enjoy some of that socialized medicine rather than trying to push my country into that “only good for the losers and the rulers” misery of collectivism.

“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of misery.”
Winston Churchill

Churchill put it well, didn’t he?  And he might as well have been discussing ObamaCare .  With 85% of Americans happy with their health insurance, ObamaCare is just another case of trashing the entire system to be most conducive to the needs of the least ambitious, biggest losers in our society.  But everyone knows that this is not about health care at all but is instead about dependency and the power that it generates and cements.  Obama, Reid, and Pelosi do not care one bit about your health care.  They simply want to control you via the best means possible.  They are egregiously dishonest and power hungry statists.

Check out Gov. Perry’s short speech discussing what the Obama administration is doing in Presidio, TX with captured illegal aliens:

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