Boortz reflects on Obama’s first year


One year ago today…

Yeah … that’s when the voters elected Barack Obama. If you’ve been scanning the Internet you’ve seen no shortage of news stories about disappointed – and sometimes disgusted – voters who actually thought they were voting for some type of wonderful change in Washington.

I think the retrospective on Obama’s first year should really be saved until the one-year mark from his coronation, not the election. I will say this … Obama has been far worse than I would have ever imagined. Any promises he made about transparency and bipartisanship in Washington have turned out to be a complete joke. He has shown absolutely no understanding of the role of capitalism and our free markets in the creation of our amazing standard of living in America. He has treated the Constitution as a nuisance rather than a blueprint for governance.

For many years I’ve been talking about politicians who believe that America’s greatness comes from government. Obama is the embodiment of that principal.

Others have said this .. but Obama is completely in over his head. This is a job he was simply not prepared to handle. He became president not on the basis of accomplishment, but on the basis of charisma and a well-orchestrated campaign. His election was a crowning achievement of our system of government education. He certainly has the potential of destroying this country as we know it. The ballot box still works … for now. I truly believe that 2010 may be the last chance we have to save our Republic from the likes of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Rangel, Waxman, Hoyer and the rest of the statist crowd.

I agree with Neal.  I knew that it would be bad, but I was thinking Bill Clinton in 1993 bad, not Russia in 1917 bad.  I was naively hopeful in a post that I did on inauguration day, knowing that he would be a leftist but hoping that he would gain some sense.  Instead, Mr. Obama has simply shown himself to be an empty suit charlatan blinded by his slave-to-the-state ideology.

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