Honduras Update

I have blogged several times about the situation in Honduras and how completely wrongheaded the Obama administration is with respect to the non-coup that peacefully removed a president who was violating their constitution:

Obama Encouraging Chaos in Honduras, Obama Administration Dead Wrong on Honduras, Attempted Coup in Honduras Headed Off by Rule of Law.

For some reason the truth about their legal removal of former President Zelaya and the Obama administration’s asininely stupid position on the situation is not getting any real coverage in the American media.  Outside of Greta van Susteren’s excellent coverage, the media is asleep at the wheel.

I have been communicating with my close family in Honduras and I wanted to pass along a response to my query about the real situation down there:

Things are pretty bad down here . We had two horrible days monday and tuesday and I’m thinking on taking [my wife] and the children outside Honduras next week if this situation remains.  Tegucigalpa is a mess.  Zelaya’s followers have  destroyed banks, stores, supermarkets and everything they’ve found in their way. It  is very sad to see that is a one way street for Honduras thanks to Chavez and his so-called “allies”. Obama is a coward and does not deserve to be the president of the Greatest Nation in the world. Thanks to him many democratic nations like this one will disappear and become part of new ideologies that the only thing they bring is dependence and poverty for the people.  This is what Chavez is calling socialism of the 21 century.We hope  that the pressure  the Republicans are putting  on Obama will make him change his view and at least he will recognize the elections. Was nice writting to you and thanks for your support. Say hi to your family from us. I’ll keep in touch.

I know that many of you do not care a lot about Honduras or perhaps even that entire region, but the fact is that Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez is attempting to subvert every democracy that he can get his hands on and the US needs to stand by its allies.

As I suggested in my previous blog post on the subject, we need a new Monroe Doctrine that can be applied to internal threats to our hemisphere.

3 responses to “Honduras Update

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  3. I am not kidding. No offense, but if Chavez decided to take your country there is nothing that you guys could do about it.

    But he is not taking them with guns, he is taking them from within.

    I am not looking to meddle in Latin American countries, but with my close family in both Honduras and Colombia it is very real to me the threat to freedom that he poses in the region.

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