Hey Democrats: You DO Lie!

Joe-Wilson-You-Lie-photoIn my decades of political observation I have observed one absolute fact: you can never trust a statist to tell the truth, because the truth that they are hiding always involves their plans to make you more and more of a slave to the government.

As we all now know, even though Rep. Joe Wilson’s choice of time and place for his outburst was unwise, Joe Wilson was telling the truth and Barack Obama was lying and obfuscating.  As anyone who is not drinking his personality cult Kool Aid knows, Barack Obama consistently plays word games and obfuscates in order to hide his real statist, anti-freedom agenda.  Simply put, Barack Obama is a lying piece of [expletive deleted].

Writing at the Macon County Conservative Examiner, Robert Moon spills the beans on the Democrats’ lies about their deceitfully-named health care “reform”:

Every single Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee has voted down an amendment to ensure that this government takeover will not involuntarily force people out of the coverage they want.

This has been an central talking point of Obama’s from the beginning: “If you like your insurance, you can keep it.”

We’ve seen this time and time again. As I previously noted, Democrats also indignantly rejected any notion that ObamaCare would end up covering illegal immigrants…but then turned around and voted down every single attempt to add any kind of verification measures to the legislation.
And then I also pointed out how Obama-apologists insisted that HR 3200 wouldn’t be used to fund abortions…only to turn around and reject any and all amendments to actually ban such funding…and now this.

Actions speak louder.
This is why Democrats keep losing ground with the American people.
This is reminiscent of Obama’s campaign pledge made repeatedly in 2008 against imposing any tax increases “of any kind” on people making less than $250,000/year…which he already violated when he passed a national tax hike on cigarettes.

When politicians tell you that you will not have to change to their plan, but then refuse to put that into the bill, they are showing themselves to be lying sacks of excrement.  Period.

When the Democrats and their water carriers in the mainstream media vehemently deny that their socialist health care plan will cover illegal aliens while they vote down any attempt to put that into the bill, they are not only lying to you, they are insulting your intelligence.

Then when they scoff at the notion that their Soviet-style health care takeover will cover abortions but then refuse to put that restriction into the bill it simply defies all believability.

The only conclusion that I can draw from all of this is that the Democrat Party geniunely believe that we are morons and that with the aid of their accomplices in the mainstream media, like the perennial advocate for the Left Charles Gibson, they can say whatever they want secure in the knowledge that they can get away with their lies.

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