Okay, Jimmy, since you brought up racism…

The first rule of Democrat politics: never be surprised by their rank hypocrisy.

Jimmy Carter, the worst President in my lifetime*, had the gall to come out and claim that opposition to Obama’s unprecedented government takeovers was because of racism.  The idiot peanut farmer, who only got elected because America was Nixoned-out and wanted something akin to Andy Griffith as a replacement, had this to say:

“I think people who are guilty of that kind of personal attack against Obama have been influenced to a major degree by a belief that he should not be president because he happens to be African American.

“It’s a racist attitude, and my hope is and my expectation is that in the future both Democratic leaders and Republican leaders will take the initiative in condemning that kind of unprecedented attack on the president of the United States,” Carter said.

Jimmy CarterHow very interesting, Jimmy.  Like so many southern Democrats you somehow went from being a racist redneck to being a civil rights supporter… I remind the readers that it was the Democrat party that filibustered against the Civil Rights Act in the mid 1960s.  They are all for racist politics when it works for them, which in Carter’s case was both in his 1970 gubernatorial race and now again to shill for the most radical President in US History.

Writing over at The Washington Examiner, David Freddoso points out some details that neither Carter nor our incredibly biased media want you to consider when you hear Carter’s baseless rant:

Readers should refer to Stephen Hayward’s The Real Jimmy Carter if they want a taste of the out-and-out racism that Carter employed in order to defeat moderate former Gov. Carl Sanders for the Democratic nomination that year. As Hayward’s book points out:

  • Carter’s top campaign staffers were spotted distributing grainy photographs of Sanders arm-in-arm celebrating with two black men. Sanders was a part-owner of the Atlanta Hawks, and in the photograph he was celebrating a victory with two players who were pouring champagne over his head. Carter’s leaflet was intended to depress Sanders’s white vote.
  • “The Carter campaign also produced a leaflet noting that Sanders had paid tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.”
  • Carter criticized Sanders, a former governor, for preventing Alabama Gov. and notorious segregationist George Wallace from speaking on Georgia state property. “I don’t think it was right for Governor Sanders to try to please a group of ultra-liberals, particularly those in Washington, when it means stifling communication with another state,” said Carter.
  • “‘I have no trouble pitching for Wallace votes and black votes at the same time,’ Carter told a reporter. Carter also said to another reporter, ‘I can win this election without a single black vote.'”
  • Upon receiving the endorsement of former Democratic Gov. Lester Maddox, Carter responded by praising the life-long segregationist: “He has brought a standard of forthright expression and personal honesty to the governor’s office, and I hope to live up to his standard.” Maddox had not only refused to serve blacks in the restaurant he once owned, but he had also greeted civil rights protestors with a gun, and made sticks available to his white customers with which to intimidate them.
  • “The campaign paid for radio ads for a fringe black candidate, C.B. King, in an effort to siphon black votes away from Sanders.”
  • “Then there was the radio commercial in which Carter said he would never be the tool of any ‘block’ vote, slurring over the word ‘block’ so that it could be mistaken for ‘black.’

Carter won the Democratic nomination and the governorship — unsurprisingly, with almost no black support. He famously did not carry the racism of his 1970 campaign into his governorship. That is laudable, but his campaign was not. Nor is it laudable for him today to attribute his own racial cynicism to others who have ample reasons for legitimate political disagreement with this president.

Given the former POTUS’ own utilization of racial tactics, perhaps he should simply shut the hell up.  I am from Georgia myself and Jimmy Carter has been nothing but an embarassment almost from the moment that he left office. Imagine what a pathetic, anti-American former President Mr. Obama will be, full of resentment over being a one-termer like Carter.

[*I fully expect President Obama to screw up the country worse than Carter did, so this is a temporary crown for Jimmy.]

One response to “Okay, Jimmy, since you brought up racism…

  1. He’s a senile old man.

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