Not the Party of “No”, the Party of “Hell No!”

If you attended the 9/12 march on Washington: THANK YOU!  Every one of you deserves the respect and sincere gratitude of every freedom-loving American.

Though I attended a huge rally on Tax Day and prepared to attend another one that ultimately got canceled, I could not make The Big One.  The 9/12 march on D.C. was far bigger than people seem to yet realize and one day you patriots will get to tell your grandchildren about being there, about standing up when your country needed you.

9-12 Wide View of Capitol

While Live 9-12 Web Cam shotI was watching the suspiciously scant news coverage of the 9/12 march one of the speakers, Sen. Jim DeMint (who you  might recall was lambasted for correctly calling Health Care POTUS’ Waterloo) said something that really struck me because it was so true.  He simply made the point that the people gathered behind him, hundreds of thousands of people, were the informed people in the debate.  Although we keep hearing the well-emailed DNC talking points about “right-wing misinformation” in this health care debate, the distortions in this important national discussion are overwhelmingly being propagated by those who support the Pelosi/Reid/Obama vision for government controlled health care.  From their dishonest use of the word “reform” to describe what is in fact destructive change to their two-faced games fighting against excluding illegal aliens from coverage, their game plan consist of falsehoods, mindless chants, and obfuscation.  Let’s not kid ourselves, people: with the post-speech bounce giving POTUS a few points, we have to gird ourselves for a long and nasty fight against the statists and their immoral ideology.

Michelle Malkin’s post linked to Looking at the Left which has some great photos of protestors and signs as well as some patriotic commentary, please give it a look.  Also, please watch the MSNBC video embedded on Michelle’s post or you can watch it directly here.  I was surprised at how honest and fair they were about it.

This guy speaks for me

This guy speaks for me

You know the tired refrain from the Left.  If you oppose their agenda they pretend that you have no alternative ideas and immediately brand you as a member of the “Party of No.”  It is a cute little sound bite that statist politicians like to use but the man in the photo above astutely pointed out that we are in fact the Party of Hell No!  We know what is going on here.  We know that this entire debate has nothing to do with compassion and everything to do with government dependence – the raison d’etre of the Democrat Party.  Though the media keeps trying to draw false lines of division between wealthy and non-wealthy or between different regions of the country or [most often] between different races, the real divide in this entire debate is not about any of that.  This Great American Debate is about the proper role of the government, or more correctly the proper relationship between the Individual and the State.  On one side we have people who believe that it is appropriate to use the government to transfer property from one person to another; these people overwhelmingly supported Mr. Obama’s candidacy and continue to support his agenda to implement that statist philosophy in our country.  On the other side we have these people and the millions that they represented on Saturday:

UPDATE 9/15: A friend who was at the 912 DC rally informs me that the aerial photo that I had previously posted may not be from 9/12.  Indeed, many people have been fooled by that photo and I have removed it.   See the story here.

Watch this interesting time-lapse of web cam photos showing the gathering crowd:

Check out a few more pictures from Looking At The Left (who I am adding to my blogroll):

9-12 Silence is Consent

9-12 Obama Communist9-12 Marxism Opiate of the Asses

This one is for you, Axelrod

This one is for you, Axelrod

9-12 I am the mob9-12 Politicans and Diapers9-12 Drilling Your Wallet

You people are fine Americans.

5 responses to “Not the Party of “No”, the Party of “Hell No!”

  1. What about the health insurance companies drilling in our wallets?

  2. Ben, you have a choice with the health insurance companies, you don’t with the government. Come on bro!
    Wouldn’t you like to have a choice about what health insurance you buy and a choice about what price you pay? I sure would. Get my employer and my GOVERNMENT the hell out of the way, and let me buy my own!!!!

  3. You took the words right out of my mouth, Andy.

    Ben, though we agree on very little when it comes to politics, you surely see some difference between the 1) government seizing property for redistribution and 2) people choosing to do business with an insurance company, right? Sure, there are times when you are not all that free to choose the insurance of your choice but those situations are once again caused by TOO MUCH government involvement rather than too little.

    Allow purchase insurance across state lines, cut out the ridiculous mandates, and implement tort reform: these are ways to reduce the cost of health care.

    But those approaches do not increase the power of govt nor do they increase dependency on government, so they are anathema proposals to the Left. Utterly unacceptable.

    It is ALL ABOUT government dependency, Ben. Once I realized that everything that the President and the other two members of his collectivist trifecta do makes perfect sense. It is all about you depending on the nanny state, run by them.

  4. I don’t mind depending on the government for something like health insurance. It’s better than depending on a private company that is only trying to make a buck by denying coverage. Medicare works pretty well with only about a 3% overhead. Name one private company that is that efficient. It’s time to take the profit out of health insurance and keep it in our own pockets where we can spend it better.

  5. Ben; Name ANY Government ran operation that is efficient on ANY level. And in case you haven’t heard. Medicare is broke.

    No. They should be looking at actions to address the true shortcomings of our Health Care System. Not buying votes from non productive citizens in the form of another Government Entitlement.

    The portion of our population that is tax neutral in this country is just under 50%. This group is always going to vote for those that promise to “Give” them the most. Government subsidized health care will drive that number over 50%. These are people that for the most part will NEVER vote for someone that will encroach on one of their entitlements. Doesn’t do much for a level playing field come election day, Does it?

    So, the Government proposes to UNCONSTITUTIONALLY force you to buy Health Insurance. Today. They are pushing us in the direction of buying the cars they want us to have. California is already trying to mandate what kind of T.V.’s people can purchase. They are proposing taxing sodas and alcoholic beverages out of reach. Already done that to tobacco. (Okay. I can’t complain about that one.)

    But once they start down this road, what’s to keep them from telling you what kind of home you should be allowed to buy? What kind of bread you should purchase? On and on…’s for the good of everybody so….WE (Government) should be able to control what you do? Correct?

    The line has to be drawn somewhere. This is a good place to start. Are there things wrong with our Health Care System? Of course. Let’s address those. But “Government” isn’t the answer. It never is.

    George Washington warned of an incipient moment that would determine whether Americans will be “Freemen or Slaves; whether they are to have any property they can call their own; whether their Houses and Farms are to be pillaged and destroyed.”

    At what point might we look back and realize that moment has irreversibly slipped by?

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