No means no, Mr. President!

No means no, Mr. President!

The Bill of Rights

President Obama, you continue to make unwelcome advances on our liberties.  Figuratively speaking, I am sick of slapping your hand when it rides up too high on my smooth, tempting Bill of Rights.  You pushed through your bogus Cap-and-Trade which counter to your electioneering rhetoric is indeed a tax on everyone in America, arguably hitting the people below 250K the hardest.  Then you pushed through a massive and unprecedented budget that, again contrary to the rhetoric used to sell it was just every single off-the-shelf leftist big government program from the last 40 years.  And now, after saddling my grandchildren with the debt for your massive expansion of government, you want to seize control of the American Health Care system, the best such system in the world.  Keep your damned hands off of my freedom, you repugnant statist.


It was one thing when it was just libertarian types who were shocked and revolted by your attempt to remake our country in your collectivist Alinsky-ite vision.  Libertarians of all stripes, even us more practical lowercase-L libertarians, have always stood against men like you, men who appear to worship the State when in fact they only worship themselves but use the power of the State to attempt to elevate themselves to the level of their own staggering self-importance.  But this has gotten much bigger than that.  It is not just the perennial rabble rousers now; we have been joined by young people and grandparents.  When I looked around at my fellow patriots at the Atlanta Tea Party back on tax day I realized that this is not just a bunch of guys marching for gun rights like we did back in the early Clinton years… this is a slice of America.  More than that, it is a slice of the people who make America work, as opposed to the people who want to find a way to live off of the rest of us.  Those people still support you, like the hogs feeding at the trough that they are.

You are going to make another attempt tonight to convince Americans that we should accept a move to a Soviet-style health care sytem, a proposal that has been increasingly and resoundingly rejected by most Americans – at least those who are not already societal parasites.

Your response to our pushback is predictable.  I dare you to try to implement anything close to the Fairness Doctrine to attempt to muzzle the opposition.  I dare you, Mr. President.

Keep your hands off my liberty, you radical freedom-loathing beta male.

3 responses to “No means no, Mr. President!

  1. The best health care system in the world? Seriously? How many people in the US DON’T have health care? Soviet-style care system? You MSUT be joking, now. Please read more about health care systems around the world (you may begin with my own country, Costa Rica, an underdeveloped nation, but oh! there IS money to pay for a universal health care system where EVERYONE NO MATTER WHAT gets attention; then move on the UK, Scandinavia, etc. where people actually care about other people who wouldn’t have access to health care in the US).

  2. So why do you live here then? If it’s so great then go to Costa Rica or the UK or any other great place. If you don’t live here then why are you commenting on what the US does. It’s really not your business.

  3. fche626, if that is your real name, I wonder where you get your data.

    You are probably still one of those people who repeats the “46 million Americans without health coverage” line even though it has been long debunked – and you will likely keep repeating it even once you know the facts. In truth, once you separate out the people who can afford it but choose not to purchase insurance plus the young people who think that they are bullet-proof plus the illegal aliens who have no right to expect others to pay for their health care, you are left with 8-12 million Americans without health *coverage* (they can receive health care, they are simply not *insured*).

    The idea that we should scrap the entire system that 80+ percent of our 300+ million citizens like just so that 3 or 4 percent of our people can get some *other* form of free health care is intellectually bankrupt. Move those people on to medicaid and move on.

    In America, perhaps unlike some of you in Costa Rica, we know that government is pathetic and wasteful at everything that it does. The idea that we should let them take over what IS the best health care system in the world just so a small fraction can get some other form of “free” health care is asinine and un-American.

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