Obama administration dead wrong on Honduras

The LA Times reports that the State Department is cutting off aid to Honduras because of what they dishonestly label as a coup.

Reporting from Washington – Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton terminated more than $30 million in aid to Honduras on Thursday in an effort to increase pressure on the country’s de facto government to restore democratic rule after a coup in June.

The State Department, which had earlier suspended the aid, said it could cut off as much as $200 million more unless ousted President Manuel Zelaya and his democratically elected government were reinstated.

Miguel Estrada

Miguel Estrada

The Obama administration must be shooting from the hip based upon pro-socialist ideology because the facts do not jibe with their actions and public statements.  As I blogged almost two months ago (Attempted Coup in Honduras headed off by rule of law), Honduras simply followed the constitution that then President Zelaya was violating.  In that post I quoted a short op-ed by Miguel Estrada (Honduras’ non-coup) and I also made a few key points that you will not hear from the Obama administration or their water carriers in the US mainstream media:

  1. The Honduran Constitution specifically forbids changing the rules limiting the President to one four-year term.
  2. Article 239 of their Constitution states that any President who even proposes the idea of reelection “shall cease forthwith” in his duties.
  3. When President Zelaya ignored the Honduran high court and attempted to proceed with his referendum, the Honduran Attorney General got an arrest warrant issued by the Supreme Court.
  4. The interim president, Micheletti, was lawfully made the President by the Honduran Congress.

That hardly matches up with the Obama Administration’s claims that this was a coup.  In fact, it was President Zelaya (funded and installed by Hugo Chavez) who was attempting a coup but was instead thwarted by the Honduran rule of law.

The L.A. times, continuing their role as a mouthpiece for Barack Obama that began when they withheld video of Obama’s close friendship with and respect for Israel-hating Rashid Khalidi, spewed the completely biased Obama talking points, clearly without consulting the Honduran Constitution.  Apparently leftists distain all constitutions, not just the US Constitution.

I will say it again for the slow witted: Zelaya was the person attempting a coup but the rule of law in Honduras prevailed.  The idea that my government is punishing these people who legally threw out a wannabe tyrant is disgusting, just as it was disgusting with Mr. Obama did not support the protestors in Iran after their election. I am seeing a trend.

One has to wonder if Mr. Obama’s position is based upon an ideological affinity with Hugo Chavez, the communist who is pursuing a strategy of buying political slots for his Marxist fellow travelers across Latin America.

UPDATE: I just found another article at National Review (Stop Bullying Honduras) that makes similar points about the truth of the situation in Honduras.

[In the interest of full disclosure, I have very close Honduran family members.  You could argue that this makes me biased, but you should also accept that it gives me more complete and direct information than you are getting from the American media.]


6 responses to “Obama administration dead wrong on Honduras

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  3. I’m sorry to come back, but I must ask you: do not write about Honduras unless you know the situations well. Read a little about how the new “president” of Honduras proceeded and the tell me what a coup is. The removal of Zelaya wasn’t precisely legal.

  4. I am glad to see you back, fche626. Perhaps you can provide some specifics about the Honduran situation as I do not agree. My family members (who *live* in Honduras) disagree with you as does Honduran-born Miguel Estrada in the Op Ed I quoted.

    Other than his ejection from the country, as opposed to his office, I do not see where they violated their rule of law. Enlighten me.

    fche626, might you be a Zelaya and Chavez fan?

  5. Well, I tend to put the legality of these things into question when stuff like… say, A FAKE RESIGNATION LETTER are presented as evidence. Sorry for being a unbeliever. And no, I actually think Zelaya was aterrible president, and about Chávez… No point worrying about me being his fan. I don’t go to extremes, unlike some 🙂

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