Why are our elites exempt?

Do they care if they wreck our health care?

Do they care if they wreck our health care?

UPDATE 9/15/2009: A friend found a picture of the other side of the van:

Other side of the van


2 responses to “Why are our elites exempt?

  1. I can’t seem to find that page number… I may have the wrong printer settings though. Was that with standard margins?

    Hmmm… Full text search for Michelle or Obama turned up nothing either…

    You know what would be great would be the Title, Subtitle, or Section, and maybe which version of the proposed legislation it is referring to, since that would be the same regardless of how it was printed.

    Maybe that’s on the back of the van. I will have to look for it on the roads out there…

    Maybe there is a clause that this offer of public insurance can not be combined with any other offers, kinda like coupons at a restaurant…

  2. Of course it does not mention them by name. But it does exempt congress and the executive branch, that is well known and accepted.

    That is not my van, I just passed the photo along. I freely admit have not bothered to read the Socialist Health Care bill because I not only categorically reject that statist level of control over “subjects” but it is utterly unconstitutional. The details are irrelevant.

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