Obama wants US to leave HIS kids alone…

But true to form, the statist charlatan will not leave our kids alone.  Michelle wrote about the coming Obama Youth speech here.

While I will not yet go so far as to compare the Obama Youth to the Hitler Youth, I am disgusted with President Obama’s use of our children as a propaganda tool.  This is yet another example that proves that my wife and I are correct in home schooling our children, keeping them out of the clutches of the propaganda-spewing left wing education racket.

obama_school_crossing_signI do not know what Mr Obama is going to say to his captive audience, but I would submit that every parent who chooses not to keep their children out of school that day should tape his speech and then watch it with their children to point out where he crosses the line between fact and propaganda.  Make it fun, print out a list of Logical Falacies and then challenge your kids to identify their certain use by the president.  Perhaps you can play Living Colour’s Cult of Personality in the background as you watch!

Perhaps some of y0u who have been on the fence about taking the plunge and home schooling your kids can add this sort of central government propaganda into your mental calculations.

In the same way that proponents of prayer in school want to make an end-run around your wishes to get to your kids, President Obama is attempting to make an end-run around you to propagandize your children.  It is all part and parcel of his immoral philosophy that says that Government Owns You.

As long as you are here, check this video out.  I doubt this teacher even has a triple-digit IQ, but then again, she is an Obama supporter:


10 responses to “Obama wants US to leave HIS kids alone…

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  2. Remember during the campaign!

  3. Oh, I remember, Steve.

    Creepy beyond words. One day some of these kids are going to be seriously torqued at their parents for using them as tools like that.

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  5. Hi!

    Please stop complaining about Obama’s address to the nation’s students.

    Instead, please, please, please, tell all your readers to pull their kids out of their local school. If they are motivated at all, then their child will probably have a better education at home, than they will get at their local school.

    I encourage ALL parents who are upset/worried/feeling uneasy about the President of the United States talking to their children, to immediately pull your kids out of school.

    It is legal all across the country, and in places like Wisconsin, where I live, VERY easy to pull your kids out and homeschool them

    God Bless!

  6. @cliff: I can actually do both, discuss Obama’s speech and encourage parents to home school their children.

    I would submit that my characterization in this post of the “propaganda-spewing left wing education racket” does indeed offer some encouragement to home school. It is a big choice and a lot of parents are not up to it, particularly given that it requires that one parent not work, but it is the best choice for kids.

  7. Parents may not be up to homeschooling, but they if they are against a “public option” in health care then they ought to come out against a “public option” in education and at least cease using the government as their only alternative.

    I homeschool my six (with two now in college). It may not be the easiest choice but it allows me to sleep well at night knowing that I am consistent in decrying socialism both in public and in my private choices.

    BTW, for more thoughts on the possible illegality of Obama’s speech lesson plans you might want to check out my top blog post today.

  8. @Spunky: Agreed. You are preaching to the choir, we have homeschooled for 8 years now, I just realize how big a step it is at first for most people.

    Question: Did you have to jump through any specific hoops or do anything special to make the transition from homeschooling to college for your 2 oldest children?

  9. None for the first two, but the third (who turns 17 tomorrow) took his first college class when he was just shy of his 16th birthday at the beginning of his junior year. He required a special meeting and the approval of the Director of Admissions. It was a wonderful conversation.

    He is now beginning his senior year and is enrolled in two courses this fall (he is paying for them himself) and will graduate from high school with 15 college credits. He hopes to enter an engineering school in design next fall.

    My oldest is entering as junior at the University of Michigan this fall.

    Overall, the transition has been very smooth, both in terms of administrative details and socially.

    If anything, the transition was hardest on ME. Three down and three to go. I’m halfway through. But my youngest is only five so I still have 13 more years before the nest, or school, is finally empty.

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