Conservative undercover at Obama town hall. Hysterical.

Hat Tip to the always fantastic Hot Air.

I don’t care who you are, this is funny.  Jason Materra went undercover at a pro-Obama town hall meeting and managed to get the protestors to speak their minds by acting like one of them.  This is well worth watching.

I am very tempted to do that myself.  That would be fun, though I would have to practice acting like I was riding the crest of the IQ Bell Curve like the rest of the myrmidons.  Jason does a good job of it.

2 responses to “Conservative undercover at Obama town hall. Hysterical.

  1. You should go to Atheist Media and ask them to post this too — in order to be balanced. He posts only PRO-Obama stuff. As if all atheists agree with them

  2. I wish I had more time to blog, but thank you for showing us that not all of the uninformed people out there are on the conservative side of the issues. There are uninformed people on the left as well…

    To watch the main stream media, you would think that only conservatives were uninformed, this clearly shows that there are liberals who are uninformed too. I knew it all along, and here is proof…

    I liked the part with the crayons – very funny!

    Also great point from Sabio! We should make it clear that there are plenty of Republicans or Conservatives who are Atheist! The Liberals should stop claiming the Atheists as their own…

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