ABC/NBC refuse anti-ObamaCare ad

Covering for their Dear Leader…

ABC and NBC have refused to run an ad critical of the proposals to create a soviet-style health care system in America.  You may recall that ABC did a one hour special that was essentially an informercial for their Dear Leader. 

Here is the video that they refuse to run:

How can anyone consider the mainstream media an unbiased news source?  As was so very evident during the election, they are partisans who will use their platform to pursue a statist/collectivist agenda.  They don’t even seem to care much about hiding it any more.

Has anyone considered starting a boycott of these networks?  Most of their shows are a pathetic waste of time anyway unless you are infected with that cop/lawyer/doctor show fetish that I cannot understand.

4 responses to “ABC/NBC refuse anti-ObamaCare ad

  1. The ad is full of lies, so they’re right in not running it. They also refused to run a left-wing ad that talked about the salaries of insurance CEOs.

  2. It’s even infecting “The History Channel and TWC!”

  3. Okay, Ben. Where are the lies? Be specific. You would have already specified them if you had anything worthwhile.

    Are you going to argue that there is not rationing in the UK and Canada? You fight for soviet style health care but you are not familiar with the UK formula of 40K per year times life expectancy? Classic liberal.

    From looking at your web site you are a hard-hard-leftist, so I would suspect that this is less about lies and more about things that you do not want people to hear.

    You statists are losing the intellectual battle on this because the only people who will benefit from Socialist Health Care are losers and statists. You are clearly in at least one of those groups.

    And in fact, I think that even the losers will be worse off. Right now they can go get good health care for free, whereas in the future they will be getting 4th rate govt care for free. But people like me will be paying for it.

    You have a right to your opinion but you do not have a right to my property. That is where I part ways with you government-loving statists.

    I want no part of your bleak marxist brave new world, comrade.

  4. And of course, ABC ran an hour long infomercial for Obama, allowing him to lie and obfuscate about his proposed health care takeover.

    They have an agenda and it matches Obama’s and yours, Ben.

    The Democrat party was the party of slaveholders in the 1800s and it remains today the party of slavery – making the successful people slaves to the state and to the losers by proxy.

    Your ideology is *inherently* immoral.

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