Buyer’s remorse setting in with Obama supporters

The joke is on us, America

The joke is on us, America

According to the most recent Gallup opinion polling, President Obama’s approval numbers for the people who elected him are tanking.  I am not talking about the hard-left, they think that he is not progressive enough, they prefer even a little more Stalinism in their leaders.  The people who are abandoning Obama are the people who added to the perennial collectivist vote to put him over the top.

Since July, his approval ratings have dropped sharply among the following groups:

Overall approval numbers slipped from 60% to 52%.  -8%

Liberal-to-Moderate Republicans dropped from 46% 6o 31%.  -15%

Hispanics dropped from 81% to 61%.  -20%

People aged 18-29 dropped from 73% to 60%.  -13%

Weekly attendees of church fell from 64% to 51%.  -13%

People earning $60K-$90K fell from 59% to 47%.  -12%

Given that Obama got elected by somehow securing the votes of independent and young and hispanic voters, he has to be quite worried about what this bodes for him.

I love that the hispanic voter approval dropped 20 percentage points, proving that the myth of the monolithic ignorant hispanic voting bloc is just that: a [bigoted] liberal myth.

Among liberals he is doing better but has still dropped a couple of points.

The moral: if you pretend to be a centrist when campaigning but subsequently show your true statist/collectivist colors once in office, people will notice.  Even if you are The One.

America remains a center-right country, contrary to the quickly fading wet dreams of the American Left.

Hat Tip to Karl Rove for the pointer to this polling data.  You can see his take on it here.

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