I hope Vick gets squashed like a bug

I can understand that people sometimes make bad decisions and are sorry for those decisions.  I once met a guy who had committed an armed robbery when he was a teenager and he seemed mostly rehabilitated as an almost middle-aged man.  But even then there is a huge gulf separating asinine actions like that from what Michael Vick did with his dogs.

My dogs

My dogs

That thug killed many dogs, playing a sick game of Dr. Mengele with different methods, including starving, shooting, electrocuting, and drowning.  This is serial killer stuff, folks.  Someone who can do that to a dog has some major screws loose and I utterly reject that it can ever be fixed.  Michael Vick is not right in the head and I would not ever even turn my back on an animal like him.

Having said all that, and I admit that I am a dog lover who has three big dogs, I hope that there are some 300 lb. dog lovers in the NFL.  I hope that some guys take it upon themselves to make sure that payback is hell.  I would not be unhappy at all if a dog lover crushed Vick and ended his career in his first game back.  Double-Theisman, anyone?


The Big Dog

The Big Dog

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