Alternate Obama Poster

Hat tip to Hot Air:

Hope and Chains

Hope and Chains

5 responses to “Alternate Obama Poster

  1. let’s send GWB the bill

  2. Wow, you put forth such amazing logic. How could anyone argue with that?

    The previous guy overspends, but the new one quadruples that and you want to send the bill to the old guy. Just brilliant. I do not even have to ask who you voted for last November.

  3. The thing that really amazes me is he just continues to get a free pass from these supposedly “Intellectual” Elitists.

    As evidenced by this guy, they are still obssessed with President Bush. Yet Obama has drug the country into a mountain of debt that we may never be able to crawl out from under. He has misled the country as to his true intentions. An yes all you crazy little liberals, he is indeed a Socialist and a somewhat closeted racist.

    Yet Liberals are still crying about Bush lied and the Iraq War while this inexperienced doofus leads the US to ruin.

    One has to wonder if they will break that spell before it is too late?

  4. The Left so despises everything conservative that they will never come around. In the south we have a phrase, “yellow dog democrats”, which means that they will even vote for a yellow dog if it is the Dem candidate.

    They have too much invested in their Bush Derangement Syndrome. They had to turn the guy into a caricature of Hitler, as they do with everyone with whom they disagree. It’s easier than utilizing logic (anathema to the Left) to convince, particularly since do many of their voters are on the left side of the Bell Curve.

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