Video: Obama wants to kill private insurance

HatTip: Breitbart TV

This video shows Obama and other Democrats admitting that their goal is a complete government takeover of the health care industry in America.

Who in the hell do these statists think that they are?  Allow me to answer that question.

These people truly believe that they own you and every last bit of the fruits of your labor.  In their immoral eyes you are merely a cow to be milked for whatever they deem to be the Public Good.  They call themselves Progressives because it is both self-congratulatory and intentionally deceitful; in fact the goal towards which they wish to progress is a socialist utopia (which as I pointed out here does not exist).

I have a knee jerk response to call them socialists.  I can tell that I am hitting a little too close to home given how strenuously they object to it (read a post of mine on this subject here), but in fact Mark Levin’s book reminded me of the most correct term to use: statist.

Statism is as inherently immoral as marxism: slavery to the State.

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