The jackasses want to drive

A brilliant political cartoon that asks a valid question: if these statists cannot even handle the Cash For Clunkers program, why would you trust them with your health care?

(That is a rhetorical question for those of you who are societal parasites, who believe that you have a right to use the government to make others pay for your health care.  I understand why you want socialized medicine, you people are just ticks on the neck of productive Americans.)

What as asinine proposal

What an asinine proposal

One response to “The jackasses want to drive

  1. Lets throw more good money after bad. When do you think the people in Washington are gonna figure anything out?
    It seems to me that the country is in the same state it was during the Bush administration. I know it will take time to dig out of this hole, but that is hard when you have a man with a shovel working against a team with a backhoe filling it right back in with their brilliant ideas!

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