First Pitch Breakdown

Hat Tip to Raging Elephants.  I pulled this apart to put it on the blog but the original Powerpoint file is here.


First pitch - Bush 41

First pitch - Bush 41

  • 2-seam fastball.  Will cut down and away.  The typical strikeout pitch.
  • Power-T position before the throw – generates hip drive for maximum velocity
  • Eyes on the target
  • Pitching hand cocked back so batter can’t see ball during delivery.
  • Business slacks.  He ain’t here to play, he’s gonna break the catcher’s hand.

ASSESSMENT: Strike 3, batter looking.  Fastball looked inside coming towards plate then broke away on the inside corner.


Obama pretending

Obama pretending

  • Palm ball.  Comes in slow and doesn’t move.
  • No Power-T.  Right hand hanging down towards dirt.
  • Eyes and mouth show fear that a batter will actually be there to knock it 603 feet.
  • Pitching hand open so batter can see ball during delivery.
  • Blue Jeans?  When they asked him to throw out the first pitch he wrote a speech.

ASSESSMENT: This ball will be hit so far it will need a flight attendant.

Now for some comparisons:

Mr Roids

Mr Roids

First pitch - Bush 41

Bush 41

And the beta male’s comparable:

Urkel pitch comparison

Urkel pitch comparison

One response to “First Pitch Breakdown

  1. I don’t know that it has any serious meaning or political application. But it sure got me laughing out loud!!!

    I wonder if ANY Liberal ANYWHERE would have the sense of humor to actually laugh at it?

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