Obama knows history like I know opera

President Obama seems to know history like I know opera, which means not at all.  Everything that I know about opera I learned by watching Bugs Bunny.  Perhaps the same is true of the president’s knowledge of history.

This candidate, yet another liberal Harvard lawyer, was of course billed as the smartest man in the world but consider the record of the people who make such declarations.  You may recall that Al “Forrest” Gore was similarly presented and, frankly, he is an idiot.  From my observations over many election cycles I have noticed something about how the Left views political candidates: once you become a viable national democrat candidate you suddenly become both brilliant and good looking in their eyes, it’s part of their required candidate-myth.  It is backwards thinking in that they assign good qualities to someone they like rather than liking someone with good qualities, but if they were clear logical thinkers they probably would not be statists in the first place.

So Mr. Obama is out there with his best buddies in the media and one of them asks him what should be a softball question for such a smart guy, “How do you define victory in Afghanistan?”  Obviously lacking his trusty teleprompter, he replied with some flowery garbage about how it’s not like when Emperor Hirohito signed a formal surrender.  Anyone who knows anything about history, or even just watches the History channel, knows that it simply never happened, the emperor was not involved in the surrender signing.  I think that Mr. Obama is a lot like Biden in that he will say whatever comes to mind, perhaps secure in the knowledge that his fawning myrmidons in the mainstram media will cover for him.  Just helping him no doubt sends a thrill up their collective legs.  Sometimes it seems that they are all now metaphorical Nina Burleighs for the current president.

This example of POTUS’ ignorance of history reminds me of the VP debate this past fall.  Sarah Palin and Joe Biden (the dumbest vice president in history, challenged only by Forrest Gore for that classification) debated and I took notes.  Though I am just a history-nut engineer, I caught 8 things that Biden got wrong and the next morning I saw that I had missed 6 others – so Biden got 14 things wrong when it came to history and foreign policy.  Palin got the AfPak theater’s commanding general’s name slightly wrong.  The next night I tuned into Charlie Gibson’s so-called news to see how they reported the VP’s mistakes.  I was angry, but not surprised, to see ABC completely run interference for their golden boys: the reporter mentioned that both candidates had gotten some things wrong but only specifically mentioned one thing: that Palin misspoke and referred to Gen. McKiernan as Gen. McLelland.

To be fair, that must have caught their attention because today’s Democrat party shares so much philosophy with the Copperheads of McLelland’s time.  The Democrats have not changed in substance since that time: in 1861 they believed in state-sanctioned slavery (and a hundred years later still fought for segregation).  In 2009 they believe in a state-sanctioned soft-slavery rightly called Socialism.  It’s not different in kind from their old slavery, only in degree.

4 responses to “Obama knows history like I know opera

  1. What an excellent post!

    I am quoting part of it with a link to you.

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  3. I just added you to my public blogroll links.

    Keep on posting

  4. It is a great honor that we have the current President! We are a witness to history! An empty suit occupies the oval office.
    We enjoy the current crew’s confidence in the Americn public is as dumb as they think they are smart! However, we will have the last laugh. When we are all unemployed, and there are no taxes, they will leave Washington D.C., just as rats leave a sinking ship.

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