Obama’s Waterloo is Americans’ Trenton

President Obama

President Obama

napoleanIn 1815 Napoleon was defeated by a combined British and Prussian force near Waterloo, Belgium.  These forces, under Wellington and Blucher respectively, finally removed the threat posed to Europe by Napoleon.  In the intervening years the word “waterloo” has become a general term for the final defeat of someone who had a good run up until that point.

In 1776 Hessian soldiers fighting for the British were defeated by American forces in Trenton, New Jersey.  These forces, cold and hungry Americans who had tasted nothing but defeat up to that point, finally achieved a small victory that boosted morale in the fledgling states and inspired more patriots to lend support to the cause.  It also helped Washington’s supporters and frustrated his detractors while showing Americans that they could defeat real professional soldiers.

Last week Sen. Jim DeMint was criticized by President Obama himself for labeling the proposed health care legislation as a potential “Waterloo” for Obama.  Obama attacked DeMint for that comment simply because of the scathing truth behind the analogy and Obama’s deep fear that the South Carolina Senator is correct.

In the early 19th century Napoleon marched through Europe, dominating them with his militaristic ideology and making them submit.  The threat only ended when he was decisively defeated.  Obama has marched across the Constitution and over its well-defined separation of powers, attempting to dominate America and remake it with his marxist ideology.  He knows that a solid defeat of his proposed Socialist Health Care takeover will also be a rejection of his push too far to the left.

When will this Alinsky-ite ideologue realize that America remains a center-right country?  He is ridiculously out of the mainstream.

Obama’s Waterloo truly is regular Americans’ Trenton.  Our turning point.

2 responses to “Obama’s Waterloo is Americans’ Trenton

  1. Great article as always ! Thanx. I hope it is his Waterloo !

  2. I hope that it’s his Waterloo as well, brother.

    Sometimes this feels like 1993-4 again. Clinton got forced to the center but I am not sure Barry has it in him – he is just too much of an ideologue.

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