It is indeed Obama’s Waterloo

I saw President Obama on the news making a big deal about republican Sen. Jim DeMint’s words when describing the significance of the health care legislation being rammed through by Obama.  DeMint was speaking on a conference call and made a perfect analogy that is now being used as bulletin board pin up material by the hard left.  DeMint said:

If we’re able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo. It will break him.

DeMint’s Waterloo analogy is right for two reasons.  First, it is true that if conservatives can stop Obama’s socialist momentum now it will likely mark the high water mark of his push to transform America into a Euro-Socialist state just as Waterloo marked the end of Napolean’s more violent but similarly brazen attempt to bully his way into making everyone else live under his thumb.  Second, the analogy works because in both cases we have blustering beta males who compensate by pretending to be alpha males.  As an aside, it’s interesting that Napolean tried to make Europe submit to him whereas Obama just wants to make America into Europe.

The President, falling back on his obfuscation playbook, is pretending that the republicans are making it about him… so that he can make it about him.  Everyone who is not still chanting “Yes We Can” in their empty head knows that America is experiencing a showdown between wildly differing ideologies and an attempt by the hard left to radically redefine the appropriate relationship between the State and the People.  Obama would certainly prefer to pretend that this is about him rather than admit that he is attempting to remake America into something that the founding fathers and constitutional scholars would not recognize.  Pretending that this is about him just works as cover for his radical anti-freedom agenda.  Saul Alinsky would be so proud of his statist student who managed to slither his way into the presidency.

I am not saying that I am willing to go so far as to start drawing analogies between the guys who stopped an aggressive tyrant before (Wellington and Blucher) and the people who are finally starting to make headway now (Levin, DeMint, Ryan).  But I do not think that living under Napolean’s thumb would have been any worse than living under the Brave New World dreamed of by the dangerous statist Barack Obama and his personality cult of selfish myrmidons.


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