Barbara Boxer is a typical liberal bigot

Let me set the stage for you… during hearings in the House of Representatives on the CapAndTrade bill Ms. Barbara Boxer (the same miscreant who disrespectfully insisted that a US Army General refer to her as Senator instead of ma’am) was questioning a man named Harry Alford, who is President of the National Black Chamber of Commerce.  Mr. Alford spoke against the CapAndTrade bill and pointed out the damage that it would cause to businesses and the economy.  Rather than responding to his points, Ms. Boxer immediately started stating for the record that the NAACP and “100 Black Men of Atlanta” both supported the bill.  Mr. Alford justifiably blew a gasket; watch the video:

Boxer’s (I will never refer to that statist as Senator) words speak volumes about her twisted thinking.  Only in the mind of a liberal are members of a race or ethnic group expected to be a mindless monolithic homogenous group free of any semblance of individuals.  We have seen this same bigoted thinking in discussions of [the unqualified activist] Sonia Sotomayor, with the liberals gleefully stating that conservatives cannot vote against her because it would turn all hispanics against the GOP.  These people are as bigoted as a David Duke or a Louis Farakhan. 

Can you imagine them suggesting that all white people would respond to a given issue in the same way simply because they are white?  Apparently liberals like Boxer believe that white people are smart enough to have independent thoughts and positions but minorities are not.

Liberals’ incredible bigotry and intellectual dishonesty disgusts me.


2 responses to “Barbara Boxer is a typical liberal bigot

  1. LiberalsRstupid

    Of course, not many liberals would be able to understand how Boxer’s approach and commentary are racist. They are for the most part too smug in their perceived ownership of determination of what is racist and what is not.

    Boxer is an idiot. I would have bought advertising time on a t.v. station to be able to laugh publicly if the General she tried to rebuke for not calling her “Senator” would have just looked her dead in the face and said without a smile, “So, how would you feel about “B–ch”??

  2. Hardcore liberals like Boxer can only see people as members of a group – they *loathe* the individual – then they jump straight to step 2: how to manipulate that group into voting for them. Typically it will involve some government dependency.

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