Morrissey’s Modest Proposal

Ed Morrissey, the man behind, has written a modest proposal that supporters of Obamunism ObamaCare should support.  The basic idea is that if the ‘inequities’ in the health care system require government action (the Obama statists dishonestly label it “reform”) then the same logic applies to what he calls LegalCare.

It is satire but well done and his logic is as valid as the logic of those who support a Soviet-style government health care monopoly.

I propose that the government impose a single-payer system on the legal profession.  Instead of charging private fees, all attorneys would have to send their bills to LegalCare, a new agency in the federal government.  Because the government can bargain collectively, they can impose rational fees for legal services instead of the exorbitant billing fees attorneys now charge. Three hundred dollars an hour?  Thing of the past.  Everyone knows that the government can control costs through price-setting;  now we can see this process applied to the legal system, where the government has a large interest in seeing cost savings.

How will we pay for LegalCare?  I take a page from the House surtax method here, which will disproportionately hit doctors in a wide variety of disciplines.  In this case, I propose a 5.4% surtax on lawyers, judges, lobbyists, and political officeholders at the state and federal level.  They’re the ones who have enriched themselves through this inequity in the legal system.  After all, why should we all have to pay for the single-payer legal system when we can penalize lawyers instead?

I like this modest proposal.  Read the whole thing; it is short.

3 responses to “Morrissey’s Modest Proposal

  1. LiberalsRstupid

    It may be dangerous for people to articulate ideas such as this. If they get wind of it, it may become a reality.

  2. The Democrat Party is owned lock-stock-and-barrel by the Trial Lawyers Association. There is no danger of the statists taking Morrissey’s proposal seriously!

    Like President Urkel would mess with the industry that he and his wife are a part of…

  3. LiberalsRstupid

    Good point. The Unions also have significant ownership in the Democratic Party. So…..the major contributing party to the demise of the automobile industry is rewarded with ownership AFTER they have contributed significantly to its failure.

    Nice way to do business.

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