Socialist Health Care Flow Chart

The GOP created a flow chart showing how the Democrat’s socialist health care plan will work:

Socialist Health Care flow chart

Socialist Health Care flow chart

Click on the image to view the PDF released by the GOP Joint Economic Committee.

This debate reminds me of a bumper sticker that I saw back in 1993 when a previous hard-left administration was attempting to nationalize our health care system:

Socialized Medicine

The efficiency of the Post Office
The compassion of the IRS
All at Pentagon prices!


3 responses to “Socialist Health Care Flow Chart

  1. That is messed up ! Thanx

  2. LiberalsRstupid

    Anyway you look at this, this is simply class warfare. Having been a small businessman most my working life, I can tell you forced participation and the surcharges they will impose will be devastating to small businesses.

    Small businesses that survive will only be able to do so by raising the price of their goods or services. Consequently, income will suffer. Less people will be employed. Less businesses will survive. Less taxes will be collected.

    With overall taxation rates approaching 60% in some states, how long do these liberal loons think honest, hard working people will be willing to toil away, simply to be able to keep 40 cents on the dollar while subsidizing the poor decisions or our politicians and the lifestyles of those unwilling to work and lead responsible lives?

    But as long as these socialists allow more than 50% of the population to live off the efforts of the balance of the population, buying votes in this manner will keep them in office.

    But sooner or later, the well dries up.

  3. Galt’s Gulch is looking better and better, eh?

    I do not believe that Barack Obama is that economically retarded, I think that he wants to make the economy as bad as possible – the media will continue to let him get away with blaming it on Bush. I believe the he believes that if things get bad enough Americans will hand over their liberties freely like they did with FDR. He wants things to get worse so that he can make them better with his marxist ideology.

    Barack Obama is the most dangerous statist ever to hold a high public office in America.

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