POTUS throws like a girl

Quite the contrast between President Urkel’s girl pitch in last nights’ All Star game:

And the previous President’s first pitch:

What a silk-wearing buttercup this new president is.  Nice mom jeans you have on , Barry.

Bush threw a nice changeup for a strike, Obama a 57-footer in the dirt.

That is not to say that I do not disagree with a lot of what the man’s man president did while in office… Hell, Bush43’s selling out to the Democrats for their support on the wars brought us our current empty-suit socialist president, but at least he was a man’s man rather than a primped beta male who should be wearing a bowtie.

I do believe that tough liberal is an oxymoron.

One response to “POTUS throws like a girl

  1. LiberalsRstupid

    This is a contrast no one on the Socialist side wants to hear about. And you won’t see or hear any of them acknowledging it.

    With Obama, sure you can hear some cheers but there’s no mistaking the chorus of boo’s also coming from the crowd.

    With Bush, you hear nothing but cheers and chants of “U.S.A.”

    Conclusion: America is becoming a country is increasingly difficult to be proud of.

    A subtle difference, but significant.

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