Urkel’s shine is fading

President Obama’s numbers continue to fall, despite the best attempts by his steadfast followers in the US media.

Part of the reason is that people are starting to realize that he is the hard left statist that so many of us warned during the coronation election; his actions are Chavez while his talk campaign talk was Reagan/Clinton.  Another part of the reason is that Obama’s myrmidons (if you still support him you just may be one, particularly if you are unfamiliar with that insulting word) are starting to question why he is not succeeding in spending his way out of this recession.  Not many of President Urkel’s followers are too sharp on Economics 101, which shows how this clown got elected.

To get to the point, Rasmussen is reporting that POTUS’ Presidential Approval Index has dropped to a minus 8.  This number is calculated by subtracting the percentage of people who strongly disapprove of the president’s performance from the percentage of people who strongly approve.  In this case the numbers are 36 and 28 percent respectively.  The independent voters, who for some reason fell under the spell of the Obama Personality Cult, are coming out of their stupor, fickle voters that they are.

Urkel's numbers dropping

Urkel's numbers dropping


Check out the Rassmussen Story here.

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