Trading liberty for security

HatTip: Neal Boortz

An independence day cartoon from Joel Samuelson:

Trading liberty for security...

Trading liberty for security...

4 responses to “Trading liberty for security

  1. The cartoon should have George Bush and Obama with their arms around each other pointing at the sign !

  2. I cannot disagree with you on that, Sabio.

    I do not have a problem with things like waterboarding, so this leftist mantra that Bush shredded the constitution in that sense does not impress me, but I agree that Mr Bush did not believe in the 10th amendment to say the least. You know, those ‘negative rights’ so despised by statists like Mr. Obama.

    One of the biggest reasons that we have this empty suit in the white house is that Bush governed like a liberal (aside from killing terrorists fairly effectively).

  3. Question, you feel that the only infringement Bush made on our freedoms was by ignoring the 10th amendment?

  4. No, not at all… I did say “to say the least”.

    I think it’s clear that both parties violate the Constitution but I think that the Left simply pretends that it does not exist. Perhaps more importantly, a fundamental part of their ideology involves a rejection of the ‘negative rights’ perspective so clearly spelled out by the 10th amendment. I argue that Article 1, Section 8 is quite clear in its specific enumerated powers and that claims to the contrary are intellectually dishonest.

    As a friend of mine likes to say, choosing between the Democrats and the Republicans is like choosing between a gaping head wound and a sucking chest wound. You do not want either of them, but you will take the chest wound over the head wound.

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