The Special Relationship

LTC Thorneloe and Trooper Hammond

LTC Thorneloe and Trooper Hammond


The BBC is reporting that the two latest British military casualties in Afghanistan include the highest ranking Army officer killed since the Falklands War.  On July 1st an IED killed LTC Rupert Thorneloe, commanding officer of 1st Battalion Welsh Guards, and Trooper Joshua Hammon, of 2nd Royal Tank Regiment near Lashkar Gah as they were attempting to resupply troops engaged in hostile territory.  LTC Thornloe left behind a wife and two daughters and Trooper Hammond, who joined the Army at 16 and was only a week shy of his 19th birthday, was engaged to be married.

The courageous sacrifice of these soldiers, men truly cut from the same cloth as their tough counterparts in the American military, should remind all of us of the importance of the Special Relationship between America and the UK.  This American truly hopes that President Obama’s snubs of Gordon Brown and the Queen, as well as misstatements by some administration spokesmen, were simply more examples of his being in over his head rather then a conscious change to or lessening of that special relationship.  The Obama administration did not start off well with the Brits, according to Politico:

According to the British accounts, the chill descended on the American-British relationship soon after Obama was inaugurated, when someone at the White House advised the British Embassy to come collect their bust of Winston Churchill, which had graced the Oval Office under President Bush, but which apparently was no longer needed by Obama.

Perhaps Mr. Obama simply needed to make room in his office for his treasured busts of Saul Alinsky and Che Guevara.

Let’s not ever forget that the attack on America was launched from Afghanistan and that our British friends, who had not been attacked by that point, ran right into battle with us.  I have faith that even if there is a 4 year pause in the Special Relationship it will return when America gets back on course after the Obama era.

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