Government Health Care: Death AND Taxes

Someone put up a video titled What If Government Ran Health Care, a fairly funny spoof of the Sprint commercials where the people use the phone’s walkee-talkee function to efficiently communicate and run things. 

It never ceases to positively stun me that otherwise intelligent people are willing to hand over their health care to government.  These are people who know how abysmally the government has failed at everything that is even remotely connected to health care.  Historically the government has done a lousy job with the VA hospitals and both medicare and medicaid are ridiculously expensive jokes. 

The hard truth in this debate is that Mr. Obama’s socialist health care will be good for only two groups: the irresponsible and their statist representatives in government.  There should be no doubt in the mind of any skeptical observer that those of us who have made more responsible decisions will end up with degraded health care at a higher cost.

Collectivism is genuinely immoral.

2 responses to “Government Health Care: Death AND Taxes

  1. Indeed, only two groups will benefit ! Well said !

  2. And now, with the health care future up in the air, the hospitals I work with are holding on investments until they have a clearer idea on how the government wind will blow. “Holding on Investment” is the last thing this country needs right now !

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