Krauthammer on TOTUS’ Cairo speech

Charles Krauthammer delivers a short but scathing review of President Obama’s “America Sucks” speech in Egypt.  I swear, this empty suit wants people to like him so much (not Americans, mind you, but our enemies) that he will trash our country abroad and apologize for things we had nothing to do with, playing into their hands and stoking their grievance industry.

“That was the weakest statement on Iran and nukes in 8 or 9 years by anyone in the west”.

As Krauthammer points out, the president simply cannot help himself, he has to find a way to trash America and propose demonstrably false moral equivalencies in order to get an inferior culture to like us.  When Obama said “The struggle for womens’ equality continues in many aspects in America” he was trying to draw a moral equivalency between a low level debate like equal pay in the US and the fact that too many Arab/Muslim countries treat their women like livestock.

“So on the one hand you have a university where the womens’ lacrosse team is not getting the full funding under Title IX and on the other hand you get women beat in the street in Saudi Arabia who show an ankle and stoned for adultery in Iran.  It’s not exactly morally equivalent.”

Note how Obama did not call them 0ut for treating homosexuals like cockroaches.  Does he support that (he is against gay marriage, after all) or is he just a coward?  He will trash my country abroad to score points but as is always the case he uses weak empty words when it comes to the crimes and tyranny in the middle east.

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