Gov. Sanford defends libertarians against Graham

[Hat Tip to The Corner]

I have been sick and tired of pseudo-conservative Lindsey Graham ever since he sided with La Raza on granting amnesty to millions of criminal aliens in our country.  He is completely willing to sacrifice any semblance of small government principles if doing so will get liberals to vote for him.  As an aside, Graham strikes me as the sort of beta male who should be wearing a bowtie.

Anyway, after Graham made some derogatory remarks about libertarians, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford responded by identifying with those of us who believe in constitutionally-limited government:

“[People say ‘libertarian’]. . . as if it’s an evil word. . . . Throw me in that briar patch, I’m guilty. I love liberty. . . . I’ve been accused of being a libertarian, and I . . . wear it as a badge of honor. Because I do love, believe in, and want to support liberty.”

Watch the short video:

Sure, the GOP is not libertarian enough for me but the GOP constituency is several orders of magnitiude closer to libertarian principles than their Democrat counterparts, who are overwhelmingly statists.  The reality is that you have two choices in real elections and a vote for the LP (starry-eyed utopians like the Left) is a vote for the Dems.

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