I miss Alan Colmes

While O’Reilly is my favorite news/commentary show on TV, and I think that he is the most fair pundit out there, I admit that I used to watch Hannity and Colmes once in a while.  But since Colmes left and Hannity is on his own I honestly cannot stand that show.  Sean is a broken record, you can almost predict what he will say to any given point, and he has a bad habit of repeating the same catch phrases over and over.  Those who have listened to his radio show are certainly familiar with those overused lines like “Let not your heart be troubled” and “Hot hazy days of summer”.  Now that he has his own TV show without the balance provided by Colmes it is just tiresome.

I disagree with Alan Colmes on most things but he brought a balance that made that show far more watchable.  In truth, sometimes I felt sorry for Alan when he seemed to be doing nothing more than taking the anti-Sean side on things.  I do believe Alan Colmes to be intellectually honest, he is just on the wrong side of a great many issues.  But perhaps I am biased as I am not a “preach to the choir” type of person, I would much rather discuss politics with someone with whom I have some disagreements over someone who agrees with me on everything.

But I argue that show was much better when it included Colmes.  What does anyone else think?

2 responses to “I miss Alan Colmes

  1. Agree with you on O’Reilly. Not so sure about Holmes. I would have liked to see a stronger opposing commentator. He was just too weak.

    Hannity gets boring. And I agree. He is predictable and I think Beck also needs to avoid becoming the same. And he (Hannity) really needs to loose the “Liberal Translation” segment. BEYOND stupid. If it wasn’t for his guests, it wouldn’t be worth watching and still most of the time isn’t.

    The “Great American Panel” part can sometimes be pretty good depending on the Guests.

    All in all, I do not like his new format. The line up is going to get interesting. Between O’Reilly, Greta and Hannity, one of them is going to get bumped to accommodate a more favorable time slot for Beck.

    You KNOW it won’t be O’Reilly. And I don’t see them putting Beck in Hannity’s slot and pushing him to the later time.

    My statement on these shows is they provide information. The Loonies on the other side think they are the only one’s capable of assimilating information and then forming their own opinion. I like to garner my information wherever it comes from and use it to form my own opinions.

    My favorite aspect of most of these shows are the guests that give me differing view points and give me pause AND cause to evaluate my own thinking.

  2. I was hoping that they would replace Colmes with a Beckel or Hennican or Juan Williams. I am far from a liberal but I really like Juan Williams, he is very fair and intellectually honest. I enjoy it when he is on the panel for the best 20 minutes of news on TV: the last 20 mins of Special Report with Brett Baer.

    I like the guests on O’Reilly as well. Dick Morris, Newt Gingrich, Laura Ingraham: love them or hate them they are smart and offer very thought provoking commentary. From the other side, I like seeing Bob Beckel or Ellis Hennican or some of the others who can actually offer a challenge, helping me sharpen my own sword for intellectual debate. That Mark Lamont Hill gets on my nerves but he is a sharp guy, I will give him that.

    But if I have time for only one show, which is normally the case, I catch O’Reilly. I know that Bill O’Reilly is somewhat of a jerk but I think that it takes that kind of personality to do what he does. He will go after *anyone* powerful regardless of their ideology and regardless of politics – I think that he does a public service with that.

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