CNN reporter becomes Anti Tea Party Obama spokesman

Showing once again why conservatives despise CNN, so-called reporter Susan Roesgen was completely unable to contain her obvious pro-Obama bias while “reporting” from the Tea Party in Chicago on tax day.

UPDATE: CNN got YouTube to pull the video to which I had linked.  Click here to see the embedded version instead.

The CNN reporter’s tone was mocking from the get go and her opinion on the subject of the protest is obvious even before she starts overtly defending the Obama administration.  Like a good MSM reporter she brought an agenda to the Tea Party in Chicago, and that agenda involved mocking and undermining it.  One sure way to piss off a thoughtful conservative is to bring a mocking and smirky attitude to a subject that they consider intellectually defensible.

The guy with the baby had a point that he was trying to make, convoluted as it was, but the reporter had no concern for what he was saying – she simply wanted to make her point.  It was about her…  and of course, her new Dear Leader.

As the guy tried to make his point about Lincoln’s position that we should be able to keep the fruits of our labor, this “reporter” actually starts attacking the premise that it could have anything to do with his taxes; I suspect that she wasn’t even listening, instead just waiting for the next opportunity to defend her beloved Barack.  As she essentially morphs into Robert Gibbs when she tries to tell the guy that he will get a new child tax credit she proves to any observer that she is nothing more than another Obama spokesman at CNN.

When the guy finally finishes his point the “reporter”, going into complete Obama defense, responds by telling him that his state (IL) gets $50 billion in the stimulus package.  It is interesting that when she continues her Obama defense, she turns to look at the camera as if this interview is all about her – perhaps this will help with the liberal bonafides that it takes to get into the beltway cocktail circuit.  She arrogantly sums up “the tenor” of the rally when handing back off to the anchor desk as “anti-government” and “anti-CNN” (because it was promoted by the “right-wing conservative network Fox”, she further editorializes).  She also claims that “this is not really family viewing” without providing any justification for that.

We are not anti-government, but are anti unconstitutional government.  The most fundamental position at the tea parties was that we cannot borrow trillions from future generations to spend on vote buying today.  That is how I see both the stimulus package and the budget: conventional liberal huge spending on vote buying schemes – simply every off-the-shelf collectivist program of the last 40 years carted out under the cover of the economic crisis.

The video I linked above from has more video taken by bystanders after the CNN story where a woman makes the point that the reporters are intentionally not talking to the mainstream people, instead seeking out people that they can perhaps caricature more effectively.  The woman going after the so-called reporter makes the point that the media wants to ignore: we are pissed at both parties.  The media wants to paint this as simply a bunch of sore-loser Republicans whipped up into a frenzy by evil rich Conservatives.  Interestingly, one never hears media criticisms of the incredibly evil George Soros and his always-astroturfing MoveOn.Org.

At the end the reporter even tries to get into the alleged “astro-turfing” allegations, questioning how all of these people found out about the tea party.  One has to surmise that since she knows that the media has been ignoring the Tea Party movement she does not understand how the proles found out about it.

I saw a sign at the Atlanta Tea Party that deserves a mention here:  CNN – YOU SUCK!

4 responses to “CNN reporter becomes Anti Tea Party Obama spokesman

  1. My dear friend, Publius…what is your point? Is it that this CNN reporter was biased in her reporting? If so, I grant you that point. But as one who watches CNN on a regular basis, I can say in full honesty that CNN is the least biased news network out there. CNN always has representatives from both parties…and I’m referring to solid and reputable representatives. Not the liberal clowns that FOX puts up there.

    As for the tea parties, you’re deluding yourself if you choose to believe that they were anything more than a contrived show to help shore up a dying Republican party. FOX did their best to make it appear that it was a spontaneous grass roots movement, but we all know better…don’t we?

  2. The point is that the Liberal Loonies are just as bad, if not worse than anything you could ever accuse the other side of.

    “Biased”? That’s far too kind for this elitist, snide, snobby woman. She was rude, and condescending. She was a walking, talking commercial for CNN and President Obama. (Mr. P should recognize the type.)

    You let 3 Code Pink Loonies protest something or go out and staple their knees to a tree or something, and they get National Coverage on all the major networks and every Liberal Wacko they can dredge up embracing their cause.

    Yet you guys get hysterical and incredibly nasty, even filthy over what you would describe as a “nothing” protest. You guys want to talk about hate speech and divisiveness among the right, but you have your BEYOND ignorant talking heads inciting hate for these “insignificant” protesters. Just listen to the idiotic comments by Begala, Garofalo and Pelosi to name only a few.

    Mario doesn’t have a stake in this. It’s easy for him to sit back and criticize those of us who will be directly impacted. It doesn’t matter if it’s 1 or 100,000, we have the right to voice our protest. And we should be able to do so peacefully without incurring the filth these low life’s have been spewing for the last couple of days.

    Mr. Piperni would do himself well to note these protests went off with no violence from the Hate Mongering Protesters. Mr. Piperni would do himself well to recognize that in the US, we have the right to peaceful and non-violent dissent.

    Mr. Piperni would also do himself well to quit passing himself off as an expert on Fox News when he doesn’t have the ability to view it. Out of context snippets drawn from sources vested in creating a negative image does not constitute a fair representation of the whole.

    But of course, it serves well an irrational hatred of opposing view point.

    No. What was contrived as much or more than anything else, was the mainstream media’s ignoring the protests, only to launch a full scale, all out attack on the protesters after it was over.

  3. I posted too quick and while still a bit on the p.o.’ed side.

    I apologize for singling out Mr. Piperni.

    The bigger issue is that almost all the commentary from the Left/Liberal/Democratic side has been vicious, insulting, and filthy, simply ridiculing and an hysterical attempt to discredit those who differ in thought and opinion.

    If we are so insignificant, ignore us. Maybe we’ll just go away.

  4. Mario, I am not going to argue the “which network has the largest absolute value of bias” debate. We disagree.

    But I will respond to this:

    “As for the tea parties, you’re deluding yourself if you choose to believe that they were anything more than a contrived show to help shore up a dying Republican party. FOX did their best to make it appear that it was a spontaneous grass roots movement, but we all know better…don’t we?”

    It really is quite interesting that you are sitting somewhere up there in Canada and I am sitting down here in Georgia, and I have been on the periphery of this movement, yet you are going to tell me how things really are with respect to the Tea Party. I saw this developing and went looking for people supporting it. I became “internet acquaintances” with a couple of the organizers of the Atlanta Tea Party, regular women, and can honestly attest to the grass roots nature of the ramp-up. Do not let the fact that Hannity glommed on to it and the associated added sparkle distract from the facts. I hope that my intellectual honesty with you in the past will let you believe me when I tell you, as someone who was there, that you are misunderstanding the true nature of what happened, at least in the Atlanta version. I have been a rabble-rouser for a long time and this crowd was not like the crowds with whom I have marched at the capitol in the past.

    I will not pretend to speak for everyone, but I think many of the tea party attendees went through a cycle similar to mine. As I think that I have mentioned in a previous philosophical exchange with you, I did not support Mr Obama but once he was elected I had hopes that he would govern from somewhere close to the center, if only because he had learned from Clinton’s early mistakes. However, I strongly feel that he has gone hard-left on almost everything and has responded to the economic crisis by trying to sneak through every collectivist’s wet dream program while we are scared. Mr. Obama is doing what the left accused Bush of doing: playing on our fears to get his agenda rammed through.

    His unnecessary leviathan-gov’t spending is putting a figurative yoke around the necks of my two sons and their potential children. That sentiment on the part of so many of us who were a part of the Tea Parties is why this thing is NOT a flash in the pan that will go away. We feel that we are not only defending our country but our progeny. Don’t forget that.

    Mario, do not misunderstand this thing. You can oppose it, you can dissect it, you can mock it, but you do yourself no favors misunderstanding your ideological opponents and in this case I respectfully submit that you are not getting it.

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