Atlanta Tea Party Pictures

Great turnout.  I have a lot of thoughts on the Tea Party and Janet Napolitano’s pre-emptive strike with her right-wing extremism BS and what this thing is all about, but I am too busy working for that now.  I just wanted to post some pictures that I took last night.

I made the cardinal error of neglecting to bring backup batteries for the camera and did not get as many pictures as I had hoped.  Doh!

30 minute wait for subway tokens

30 minute wait for subway tokens

Do these people look like Janet Napolitano’s imaginary right wing extremists to you? 

Finishing his sign while in line for MARTA tokens

Finishing his sign while in line for MARTA tokens

His pen was failing; hope he did not end up Mad As He.

Headed to the capitol

Headed to the capitol

Angry dangerous extremists?  Perhaps dangerous to left wing tyrants…

The Gold Dome

The Gold Dome


Call it progressive, it still stinks

Call it progressive, it still stinks


Atlanta Tea Party

Atlanta Tea Party

I happen to have known this protestor for about 25 years.  She is hardly a right wing extremist.  But she is pissed.

"Chains" is right

"Chains" is right

This cute little thing has it right.

Atlanta Tea Party

Atlanta Tea Party

These are just regular people.  But you have to really piss them off to get them to cart their tails all the way down to the gold dome.  In my case it was over an hour drive to MARTA, then the ride downtown.  It was worth it.

Atlanta Tea Party

Atlanta Tea Party

Packed in wall to wall over a block away from the real action.  I never saw the live speakers myself, but the crowd was into it.  They had a huge big screen that I could catch glimpses of through the sea of signs.




Spot on, brother.

Spot on, brother.


One of our family's key philosophies...

One of our family's key philosophies...

The acorn does not fall far from the tree, eh?








Are we that generation?



Don't tread on me!

Don't tread on me!

Now that Metallica song will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day.  Liberty or Death!  What we so proudly hail!

Custom biohazard suits

Custom biohazard suits

These guys cracked me up.

Drug test Congress

Drug test Congress

Unfortunately, I am not sure that there is a reliable test for seeing if someone is drunk on self-congratulatory false compassion.

Atlanta Tea Party

Atlanta Tea Party

I found this above photo at, a reader had emailed this picture taken on Washington Street near the capitol… now I can see how they say that there were 15,000-20,000 people there.  You can see the columns of the gold dome on the far right (no pun intended).  I was about two blocks down and one block to the left of this picture and it was wall-to-wall fired up people.  I wish that the Atlanta Tea Party had been held at a venue that could show the extent of the people, somewhere like Centennial Olympic Park (conveniently located next to CNN center).  If anyone has an aerial shot of the Atlanta Tea Party I would love to get it.

BTW, do these look like dangerous extremists to you?

Who gets to pay Obama's bill?

Who gets to pay Obama's bill?

UPDATE: I really liked this picture, you can go see the blog post that contained it and other pics over at Lighthouse On The Right.

13 responses to “Atlanta Tea Party Pictures

  1. Awesome pictures dude!

  2. Thanks, Eric. Next time I am going to walk around with the camcorder and do some informal interviews. I actually cannot wait until the next one, the organizers are talking about July 4th.

  3. Great pictures and I hope next time we hold one of these things it is at a more open air venue like Centennial Olympic Park also.

  4. Great pictures.

  5. Sorry guys…but the “phenomena” is over. It was a one day fake news event. Sorry to have to inform you. Sixty-five percent of the population approves the president’s handling of the economy. Less than 25% approve of the Repbulican party’s handling of anything.

    You’ll need to find a better way to better the fortunes of your party. Why don’t you try this: get some real ideas instead of doing nothing more than knocking those of Democrats. How’s that for a novel idea?

  6. Seems to me someone needs to hone their information:

    “When it comes to the way Obama is handling the economy, 47% of registered voters approve of the way Obama is handling the economy and 46% disapprove. Among independent voters, 32% approve of the way Obama is handling the economy and 57% disapprove. In February, 43% of independent voters approved of the way Obama was handling the economy and 43% disapproved.”

    The numbers you quote are just more Lies and Misinformation from the Loony Left!

  7. I see that bigdaddy has got his facts messed up as usual. No surprise there. Why don’t you try providing a link the next time you throw numbers around. Where are your numbers from? The Fixed News cafeteria?

    There are a number of polls out there and all the ones I’ve seen show a majority of Americans in favor of Obama’s budget and/or economic plans. One is the NewYorkTimes/CBS poll from April 6 which indicates that 56% of Americans approve of Obama’s budget.

    Just because you print a lie, doesn’t make it true.

  8. BTW, don’t quote stuff from February. We’re in April. Sigh…pathetic.

  9. To paraphrase a famous movie line, “He sure does have an ugly mouth on him. Don’t he?”

    (March 16 through 19)

    It’s not Media Matters or NY Times so I’m sure you’ll question it.

    You really should learn to play better with people.

  10. You make it much too easy to destroy much of what you write. Usually, one only needs to use your own words to demonstrate the misinformation your spew.

    A) From the poll you cite, 49% of Americans approve of Obama’s handling of the economy. When you factor in the 7% Undecided which pollsters split along percentage lines, he’s at over 50%. You chose to quote the numbers for registered voters which is a subgroup of those polled…like Democrats or Republicans is a subgroup, as is women or men.

    B) Every poll done by reputable polling firms, Gallop, Zogby and Pew, for example, have Obama’s numbers in the 50 percentile range.

    C) Do a Google search on American Research Group and what you’ll find is that they’re a shady polling firm with little information available on who they actually are.


    “American Research Group is, on average, 11.5 points off the actual results with their polls. A lot of that has to do with the fact that they have continuously under-represented the support that Barack Obama draws. In South Carolina, they predicted that Obama was up by 3 when he won by 28%. In Delaware they predicted a race that was within the margin of error when Obama won by 10 points.

    At this point, you should be skeptical of any poll by ARG that shows a close election because Obama most likely is performing a bit better in the polls.”


    You can also check:

    So, on all counts, you have only showed how your Obama hatred has got you tied up in knots. You have learned well from your mentors at Fixed News. Congrats.

    This is way too easy.

  11. You guys keep arguing about that…

    But Mario, I submit that you are missing the point. The people answering the question about how Obama is handling the economy are not looking ahead at the hyperinflation that *is* *coming* thanks to Mr Obama’s printing of a trillion dollars out of thin air nor do they appreciate what his pork laden non-stimulus package will do to the economy, nor do they have a clue (for some reason) that his spending an extra couple of trillion dollars will *absolutely* require massive tax hikes for everyone (except maybe the legions of losers who pay no taxes and ALWAYS vote Democrat). Your percentages of who approves of his moves are the same people who stood in a crowd of fellow myrmidons, weeping in their baseless reverence for their new Dear Leader, the same people who could never tell you *why* they supported Obama, just that they liked him and wanted… here it comes…. “change”. F—ing morons.

    So those who understand economics, very few of whom would ever even consider voting for a Democrat, are those who know that the President’s handling of the economy is bumbling at best and intentionally destructive at worst.

    He is crushing us with debt and hamstringing our economy for years just so that he can sneak his far-far-far left agenda through during a time of crisis. Just like a good tyrant.

    But in summation, I am not impressed with questions about the economy thrown at the general public. That is like asking them their opinion on the space-time continuum; very few are qualified to give a relevant opinion. Look who those damned idiots elected: the least qualified *candidate* in history.

  12. A few points here, Publius.

    * Yes, no one should overplay opinion polls. They do play a role in giving us a snapshot of public opinion and are an indicator of what the masses are feeling or thinking. Your buddy was trying to paint a faulty picture of Obama’s approval ratings. I needed to set him straight.

    * Your opinion of who voted for Obama or as to why they did is nothing more than conservative misinformation. Hopefully you’re not paying much heed to lying manipulators like John Zeigler.

    You might not be impressed by Obama but the majority are. People did vote for change and in Obama they saw a man with vision. Add to this the 8 years of hell the country endured under Bush and the results are what they are.

    And I will submit the following to you in regards to your ‘f***ing morons’ statement. I can understand someone having voted for Bush the first time. To have voted for that incompetent jackass a second time is quite sad, I’d say. If one could not see from his first term that this guy was as unqualified to be a president as anyone I could imagine, then I don’t know how else to describe his supporters.

    * Your statement that Obama’s handling of the economy is “bumbling at best and intentionally destructive at worst” is nothing but hyperbole. You have nothing to point to except to assume that it will be disastrous. Obama inherited an economic nightmare. Economists might argue as to where to spend the money but almost all will say that massive amounts of money had to be spent in a recover bill to jumpstart the economy.

    That said, I hope you can also understand how hard it is for anyone to take conservatives seriously on matters of the economy. A large part of what we see is a direct result of Bush’s mismanagement of fiscal policy. And I ask, where was the outrage on spending when Bush doubled the national debt to 11 trillion? Were you guys shouting and screaming back then? For if you were, I sure as hell didn’t hear you. This is more about politics than anything else and I think you could understand that.

    * My final point has to do about Obama “sneak[ing]” in his liberal agenda. C’mon Publius…Obama is doing exactly what he said he’d do in the campaign. He spoke back then about closing Guantanamo, changing the country’s approach to foreign policy, reforming health care and education, spending on renewable energy and on and on. He spoke about all of these in the campaign and guess what…he won the election. So what did you expect now? That suddenly he’d change his mind and follow a conservative agenda?

    He won the election and he is doing what he said he’d do. You might not like it but making statements like he’s sneaking in a liberal agenda is disingenuous.

  13. I don’t know why I bother. You are simply infatuated with Obama like the best little teen age girl with a crush on the Jonas Brothers. You traded in your Bush Derangement Syndrome for a Man Crush on President Obama. Your bias for the most part, renders your opinions intellectually bankrupt. At least to me.

    As I predicted, you find fault with the source, yet YOUR sources are always Media Matters, www dot I hate everything conservative dot com, or any other source admittedly supported by Liberal Loonies and dedicated to airing out of context sound bites that meet their biased agendas and Mission Statements of ferreting out lies and misinformation only from Conservative Sources. What’s the difference?

    You are too blinded by bias to ever, EVER get the point. Just look at your images. Obama on a stamp. Obama on Mount Rushmore. Come on man!! Not everyone is falling in line to bow at the altar of President Obama as you do. You seem to assert that if someone voiced no complaint until now, then they should be compelled to remain silent. You continue to lean on the crutch of Bush when even Obama says move forward, look forward.

    “Obama is doing exactly what he said he’d do in the campaign.”

    That statement is an outright lie. President Obama has been forced to back track on many of the promises he made to satisfy the loonies during the campaign. I guess actually holding the reins of control were quite an eye opener.

    I don’t know if that source will be good enough for you, but it shows that out of 514 promises tracked, so far he has actually kept only 26. Granted in time, these numbers will most likely improve. But for you to make that statement at this point is misleading at best and at worse, simply a lie.

    And you consistently fail to recognize that not everyone is absolutely certain that shaking hands with dictators that describe you as an “ignoramus”, bowing to Saudi Kings and engaging an Iranian Madman in meaningless dialog as they busily go about building a nuclear arsenal is a good thing! Or that informing our enemies of our interrogation techniques and letting them know they will be safe in the future and weakening our security by releasing terrorists (if they can figure out where to send them) might be considered by some to be damaging to our National Security.

    You ridicule anything of a negative nature about this administration. So what is it you want? You think EVERYONE should just simply set back and allow You and the rest of your loony friends to dictate what we should see and hear? What we should believe?

    You believe an intellectual and informed public elected Obama. I do not. You have absolutely nothing to support that assertion and in reality, everything known, documented and substantiated would indicate that is not true. So what is your rebuttal? You simply attack and ridicule every source.

    No Mario. I am not enamored with this President to the point that I can not see problems with some of what he is doing. I am not infatuated, obsessed with him to the point that I don’t feel that I have a right to question, analyze and form my own opinions of right or wrong, good or bad. Nor am I obsessed with dislike of him that I cannot recognize good where it may exist. And I don’t think the the fact that I did support President Bush makes me ineligible to question the actions of this President.

    Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, in seriatim:

    “Yes, no one should overplay opinion polls.”

    Unless it supports your position? That seems to me to be your method. I find you very inconsistent when you make statements like this to minimize a poll that does not support your infatuations.

    “Your statement that Obama’s handling of the economy is “bumbling at best and intentionally destructive at worst” is nothing but hyperbole.”

    Oh? Look at the stock market before BHO and after BHO? Are the market indicators simply “hyperbole”?

    “Economists might argue as to where to spend the money but almost all will say that massive amounts of money had to be spent in a recover[y] bill to jump start the economy.”

    But not one economist will argue that massive amounts of money should be spent at this time on Liberal Wish Lists of non-essential, Social Engineering projects. Even the radically Liberal Congress felt compelled to rein in the Presidents spending proposals somewhat.

    “My final point has to do about Obama “sneak[ing]” in his liberal agenda.”

    Come on Mario. You are delusional and in denial. They have as much as said that is exactly what they are doing.

    “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste” Rahm Emanuel stated recently (directly from one of your favorites, Huffington Post)

    If the massive influx of Government Spending was or is essential to a recovery, why not restrict that spending to essential services and needs? Why pick this time of Economic Crisis to seek funding for Liberal Initiatives that have been lying around for years? You know why Mario? Because they are playing on fear. Where YOU lose credibility is that you can recognize that when it comes to Bush and National Security, but you choose to ignore it when it comes to this administration.

    To become relevant, you will have to loose some of your bias. Until then, you’re just another little teeny bopper, screaming and fainting at the sight of the Jonas Brothers.

    I’ll leave you with this question. At what point will you people quit looking to President Bush as your safety net against President Obama’s possible lack of successes?

    Sorry. And one other statement.

    “Your buddy was trying to paint a faulty picture of Obama’s approval ratings. I needed to set him straight.”

    As Clint Eastwood said, “A good man should know his limitations.” Your limitations end well short of any capability to set me anything. So, allow me to set you straight.

    Please note the swings in the “Strongly Disapprove” category. The percentage of those who “Strongly Disapprove” has doubled since the Inauguration. Make of it what you will, but it ain’t all roses my friend.

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