Atlanta Tea Party Update

I just wanted to pass along a couple of links for anyone that may be attending the Atlanta Tea Party on tax day.

Both of these links appear to show the same page, they have a long common header section, but scroll down a couple of pages to get to the meat:

They recommend using MARTA if possible; info here.

And here is some General Info on the event, rules, etc.

If you are sitting at home and you see Hannity in front of the Gold Dome surrounded by people with whom you find yourself in agreement, you will wish that you had gone.  It is a trek for us, but we will be there.

5 responses to “Atlanta Tea Party Update

  1. I would love to attend, but in this day and time, I’m almost afraid to be seen there. I have a little too much for them to take and I would make a desirable target!

  2. You would get lost in the huge crowd of anti-collectivists and would remain anonymous.

    This is going to be big.

  3. What a joke, seriously guys. Republicans and Fox News have created a fake news event and will cover it as if it’s a grass roots movement. It’s anything but. It’s a fabricated event by desperate conservatives hoping they can create a groundswell of opposition to the President.

    Enjoy yourself Publius. It should be good for laughs.

  4. Mario,

    With all due respect you know absolutely nothing of what you speak. I have watched this thing develop and it is as grass-roots as things get – I have gotten acquainted with two women heavily involved in my local demonstration and they are just regular folks. Perhaps in your world view for something to qualify as grass-roots it must involve people getting together to use government to seize the property of the more productive people in society… Maybe that’s it, but I would submit that it is even more reasonable for the people paying for it all to get a little miffed.

    If you actually tried to do some research on it you would see that in several cases prominent GOPers have been turned down as speakers at the Tax Day protests, largely because they were not perceived as conservative enough.

    What will be interesting will be to see how much these tea parties get reported and how they are portrayed. I am sure that Olberman will parrot your stated position!

  5. I’ve got just a minute before I have to get in my contribution to President Obama’s initiative to share my wealth.

    With all due respect, something lacking anyone who disagrees with him on his site, Mr. Piperni doesn’t have a dog in this hunt. He is Canadian.

    With that said, why are you guys in such a snit about it if it is only a “fabricated event by desperate conservatives”? Let them go out. The whole world will see what a farce it is. And you guys can go back to worshiping all things Obama. Or could it be you want to shout it down and discredit it BEFORE given a chance?

    I think what Mr. Piperni and his following of toadies fear most is that it IS a ground swell of opposition. Not necessarily to President Obama, but to the direction this country is heading.

    The Statists are subtly expanding their control. And just as the Left whines the previous administration used fear of terrorists to further their agenda, this administration is using the economic crisis and that fear to expand their grip on private enterprise and trample our constitutional rights.

    Janet Napolitano has already identified Conservatives as a threat equal to or exceeding Islamic Terrorists. (Oh yeah! And returning Veterans are really dangerous also!) Pelosi and her accomplices want to re-institute the Fairness Doctrine.

    Somebody has to have the courage to stand up. What Mr. Piperni and his ilk seem not to understand is that the whole country, the country of which he is not even a part, does not share his teeny bopper adulation of the President and all things “Obama”.

    Does Mr. Piperni wish to deny us the right to speak out our opposition??

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