Check out these Obama Lunatics

I am not suggesting that all Obama supporters are lunatics.  Most are just either collectivists, naive, or simply GOP haters.  But the people over at The Obama Forum are the very fascists that they like to call others.  As an aside, you know that you are winning an argument with a Leftist when they call you a fascist and you know you are slaying them in an argument when they call you a Nazi.

One of their forums has people outing their anti-Obama parents by name and reporting if they own guns!  I am not kidding.

For the youth today it is hard to understand parents who don’t support Obama. This is common for many of the young people of this generation, just as the youth back during the civil rights era had parents who just didn’t understand the racism like they saw it. Many of you are struggling with the fact that your parents just don’t get it. They don’t feel the same about Obama the way that you do. They still cling to their old ways of guns and bibles and greedy capitalism. You know better. You know that Obama, and the Democratic marjority, can run things better than those greedy corporations. You know that the best way to run an industry is to nationalize that industry.

Although that sounds like satire, it is not.  These people are nut jobs.  What self-contratulatory garbage that they liken themselves to the people in the civil rights movement.  It reminds me of the subtitle of one of Thomas Sowell’s books: Self Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy.

That is why this thread has been created. For you, the future of our nation, to let us know who your parents are. Tell us the names of those who do not support Obama the way that you do. Let us know if your parents own guns, or wish ill will toward the government. Let us know before it is too late for you and too late for your country.

It is the patriotic thing to do. Let the government take care of this problem for you.

List your parents name here.

Things are going to change I can feel it.
Part of me really hopes that this is some very well done satire site, but that does not seem to be the case. 
These people are lunatics.  Check out the forum here.
UPDATE: Some commenters, who perhaps had a little more time on their hands to troll through the posts at The Obama Forum, suggest that it is a well done satire.  That actually may be the case, but given the utter (and typical) lack of class shown on sites like Democratic Underground and Daily Kos, it is/was not a stretch at all to believe this.  This kind of myrmidon tripe is par for the course for the hard Left.

11 responses to “Check out these Obama Lunatics

  1. Mario Piperni

    I find it amusing that anyone who supports the GOP could possibly point fingers at supporters of the opposing party and call them lunatics.

    The GOP has become a cartoon political party. It has no leaders, no direction and no ideas. I trust that in time it will find its way and become relevant once again. Having a strong 2 party system is a healthy and necessary requirement for any nation. But for the time being, the GOP is floating in a sea of irrelevancy where the Rush Limbaughs are given voice. Sad.

  2. Mario, you are entitled to your opinion and I respect it. We all see things through our own political prism and think that ours is the Right Way.

    I do not support the GOP as much as I oppose the Democrats; I vote *against* and almost never for. I am a small-L libertarian, a Constitutionalist, and I have to vote against the party that has less respect for that seminal document.

    I could make the same derogatory statements about the Democrat party that you make about the GOP. Ideas? Socialism results in a miserable standard of living everywhere that it is implemented. That “idea” was discredited by the results of the 20th century but somehow Keynesians are not laughed out of the room, as they should be.

    I submit that people who want to bring EuroSocialism to America should vote with their feet and go to one of those “paradises” that already works that way.

    The false boogeyman from the GOP, theocracy, can never happen in America because the entire system is set up to prevent it (spare me the rhetoric that having a religious president is “theocracy”). But, the collectivism of the Democrats can and will destroy our standard of living and trample our rights in the name of setting the whole system up to be best for the losers. I find that intellectually bankrupt.

    And your voice is Bill Maher? or Randi Rhodes? People in glass houses….

    Stick around, check my blog, argue. I will do the same for yours over at

    And thanks for stopping by!

  3. One more thing, Mario, I did not call Obama supporters lunatics, I called the ones who are outing their parents as opponents and disclosing whether they own guns lunatics. Perhaps a strong word, but there is something wrong with people who will do that.

    It smells like the way that kids will out their parents in communist countries if they speak against their Dear Leader.

  4. Dirk Diggler

    Man, that’s probably one of the most bizarre threads I’ve seen since I’ve been on the internet. It is scary reflection of how messed up people can be. They are setting up a database of people who don’t support Obama. Some are taking pictures of people and their vehicles to get their plate number!

    Just amazing.

  5. It really reminds me of stories from communist countries where kids tell on their parents for criticizing the government. Simply chilling.

    And these myrmidons are not children; at least not age-wise.

  6. Fair enough, Publius. I will agree that there are extremists in both political parties. But what should be obvious to all is that the number of ‘loonies’ in the Rep party far outnumbers those in the Dem party.

    Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Michele Bachmann…I could go on and on. These people strive on divisive and ugly rhetoric and I’d bet that each and every one of them are more concerned with promoting themselves than giving a damn about the country they claim they love.

    I look forward to debating you both here and on my site.

  7. No, Mario, I cannot agree with your assertion that there are more loonies on the right than on the left… you are showing your bias there.

    For every Limbaugh, Savage, and Hannity I can see you and raise you a Maher, Rhodes, Medea Benjamin, Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore, George Soros, etc, etc, etc. You have your share of frothing mouthed loons and very few of them employ the intellect of someone like Limbuagh.

    The key difference from my perspective is that the left wants more and more control of my life and more and more of my property to use for their social engineering. The policies of the Left fly in the face of not only the principles that made this country great but are patently unconstitutional.

    The idea that we should structure our entire system to be best for the losers, who are losers almost exclusively because of the sum of the bad choices that they have made in their lives, is intellectually bankrupt.

  8. honest, that thing was satire. Off-the-wall, but satire nonetheless.

    Here’s one message that’s a clue:

    “I don’t know if it’s appropiate to turn in my mother because I’m not a youth and she’s 75 years old, but she uses the N-word when referencing our President and calls him a Communist. I feel bad because she’s my mother, but she’s not patriotic and I think she should be incarciated for her right wing views. Not in a harsh prison, of course, but maybe a group community of confortable little cottages with like minded subursives?”

    If you look at the dozens of topics pages, and the ads, you can tell it’s a set up. Not to say some credulous people haven’t happened by and taken it seriously.

    But it’s a set-up…

  9. I think that you *might* be right, dymphna. Being gainfully employed (obviously, I am a conservative after all! We pay for the entire system) I did not have the time to troll through all of the posts, I looked at a few pages.

    But with sites out there like Democratic Underground and Daily Kos, which are not *all* that different from this, it was easy to take it seriously. This is par for the course for the hard Left in America: no class at all.

  10. “…the hard Left in America: no class at all”

    Please. Whatever “hard left” there is, it is tame in comparision to the hatred, lies and misinformation put out by the likes of Savage, Limbaugh, Hannity, Malkin, Coulter and the entire Fixed News network.

    C’mon. At some point you need to remove the blinders.

  11. Mario, you are simply seeing things through your own ideological prism. Since you agree with the hatred and invective of the Left it does not bother you and goes unnoticed.

    The left labels anything that a conservative says with which they disagree as “hate speech”. I will give you Savage but he gets canceled out by an ass clown like Maher, who called all of our serviceman rapists recently.

    There are loud mouthed jerks on both side, the difference is that I can see the ones on the Right but you cannot see the ones on the Left.

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