Thomas Sowell on our Rookie President

Economist Thomas Sowell, in my opinion one of the clearest thinkers out there, has weighed in on our “Rookie President”.   First he uses a football analogy to make a point:

Someone once said that, for every rookie you have on your starting team in the National Football League, you will lose a game. Somewhere, at some time during the season, a rookie will make a mistake that will cost you a game.

Dr. Sowell points out that President Obama is a rookie in ways that  no other President has ever been and he is completely correct in that asssessment:

Barack Obama is a rookie in a sense that few other Presidents in American history have ever been. It is not just that he has never been President before. He has never had any position of major executive responsibility in any kind of organization where he was personally responsible for the outcome.

Other first-term Presidents have been governors, generals, cabinet members or others in positions of personal responsibility. A few have been senators, like Barack Obama, but usually for longer than Obama, and had not spent half their few years in the senate running for President.

We all know this.  Even the people who supported him because of this alleged eloquence (now we know that it was the teleprompter), or his skin color, or his vacuous promises of change knew that he was likely the least qualified candidate in US history.  Dr. Sowell takes it one further, pointing out that even worse than just being a rookie he is supported by legions of “yes men” who adoringly tell him that he is doing right:

What is even worse than making mistakes is having sycophants telling you that you are doing fine when you are not. In addition to all the usual hangers-on and supplicants for government favors that every President has, Barack Obama has a media that will see no evil, hear no evil and certainly speak no evil.

Sowell then points out some of Mr Obama’s naive rookie mistakes, including some historical perspective:

What did his televised overture to the Iranians accomplish, except to reassure them that he was not going to do a damn thing to stop them from getting a nuclear bomb? It is a mistake that can go ringing down the corridors of history.

Future generations who live in the shadow of that nuclear threat may wonder what we were thinking about, putting our lives– and theirs– in the hands of a rookie because we liked his style and symbolism?

Seeking deals with our adversaries, behind the backs of our allies? France did that at Munich back in 1938. They threw Czechoslovakia to the wolves and, less than two years later, Hitler gobbled up France anyway.

Mr Obama completely snubbed our oldest and closest ally this year, though if you get your news from the MSM you likely did not hear about it.  Go read the UK newspapers, they were insulted and unhappy.

Our oldest and staunchest ally, Britain, has been downgraded by President Obama’s visibly less impressive reception of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, compared to the way that previous Presidents over the past two generations have received British Prime Ministers. President Obama’s sending the bust of Winston Churchill in the White House back to the British embassy at about the same time was either a rookie mistake or another snub.

Sowell closes with the obvious conclusion:

We can lose some very big games with this rookie.

Read the brilliant Dr Sowell’s full column here.  I guess that going by the MSM/leftist narrative, Dr Sowell must be a “racist” to criticize our Dear Leader.  Heh.

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