President Obama’s faked town hall meeting

I was utterly unsurprised to see that many of the questioners at President Obama’s recent “town hall” meeting were in fact campaign plants and were clearly asking questions prepared by the Obama team.  This is par for the course for the Party of Symbolism Over Substance.

The Washington Post is reporting (now that part did surprise me) that the five questioners in the East Room were in fact Obama supporters and campaign workers.

1. Sergio Salmeron: Self-description at the White House: “My name is Sergio Salmeron. I want to find out about health care.”

But then the Post reports a little more detail:

He was a volunteer canvasser for the campaign, he told The Post, and did voter registration work and translated materials for the campaign, as well. A partner at Global Paradigm Strategies, Salmeron is volunteer “member of the Democratic National Committee” and continues to be active with the Obama campaign’s successor, Organizing for America, which is how he got the White House invite, he said.

The Post goes on to detail how the other four East Room “randomly picked” questioners were in fact not only all Obama supporters but also people who actively worked on his campaign.  Hardly random questioners.

Just ask yourself this question: would this be front page, above the fold, screaming headline news if Bush or Palin were caught in something like this?  We all know the answer to that one.

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