Bill Maher Smears the Troops

Perennially unfunny loudmouth Bill Maher has smeared American troops in the guise of comedy.  As an aside, doesn’t someone have to be funny to be labeled a comedian?  How in the hell did Maher or Franken ever get that label?  They are just angry, unfunny pricks.

On his show he was talking about still having troops stationed in Germany and Japan and let this gem go:  “At some point these people are going to have to learn to rape themselves.”  Watch it for yourself:

Come down to Georgia and say that to a good old boy’s face, Bill.  Someone like me would put you on your smug ass, you angry beta male prick – I would not spit on you if you were on fire but I would like 30 seconds in the ring with you, which is all that it would take.  My brother is in the US Army and you are not worth the sweat off of his b*lls.

Men (and I use that term loosely here) like Maher could not handle 1 day in a combat unit.

UPDATE: Michelle points out that liberals never seem to mention the rapes committed by UN “peacekeepers” around the world.  They reserve their distain for Americans.


4 responses to “Bill Maher Smears the Troops

  1. F— you, you redneck asshole. Your brother is a baby-killing rapist. Suck my —-, motherf—er. Just the way your daddy taught you.

    [Editing by publius to avoid offending people with this moron’s shallow invective]

  2. Nice. I approved your comment because you are simply showing your a$$ and most of the time people like me do not even have to reply, you showed yourself for what you are.

    I could make a lot of comments here but I will let your vulgar stupidity stand alone, little man.

  3. Maher Fan,

    Well, I am ashamed. You are one baby I must have missed when I was out killin’ and maimin’ in the Marines. That’s too bad.

    Oh wait, sorry, that was rebuilding towns, health clinics, giving out food and water during the NYE Tsunmai in the Indian Ocean. I get confused by your asinine, ignorant, pathetic, uninformed, media driven idea of what we do in the military, and what 99.9% of us actually do.

    You were there too, right? I think I remember you, you sat there trying to get the UN to send help on your cell phone all the while wondering why you couldn’t get Kofi and his peps to show up….

  4. jcrue – Thank you for your service to our country. Marines rock.

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