South Park’s take on the bailouts

Parker and Stone, after some disappointing recent episodes, finally got a little political again.  Their newest episode is about the government bailouts.  While there are too many funny parts to mention, one part was particularly hysterical.  Stan finds out how the Treasury Dept is deciding what action to take for any given potential bailout: they cut the head off of a chicken and let it run around on a chart!  Where the headless chicken drops is their response… the boxes on the chart include:

Tax the rich
Bad bank
Indian Casinos
Raise Fed
Cut Education
Go to war
$1 billion
Go to congress
Let Fail
Press conference
Print Money
$90 Trillion
Coup d’etat

I will not give away the ending, but I laughed at the same time that I was pi$$ed off, because it was so true.

Go watch the episode here at Southpark Studios.  It is titled Margaritaville.

7 responses to “South Park’s take on the bailouts

  1. One of their best shows in quite a while. And this coming from a liberal.

  2. I have to agree. I think that they got too non-political for a very long time – they could have done some great stuff during the election. The recent episode called “The Coon” was weak.

  3. You forgot about the guy playing the kazoo while the chicken runs around…

  4. You’re right, that was hysterical…. “dum de dum de dum de dum… BAILOUT!”

  5. No. The Coon was great.

  6. Yeah, it is subjective. The only thing that I liked about “The Coon” episode was the huge goofy-looking poster of Obama.

    I hope that we can agree that last night’s Queef episode was over the top stupid.

    They need to do more shows on politics.

  7. Couldnt be more True.

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