A New Era of Spend and Blame

Writing in the New York Post, Charles Hurt has noticed how Obama continues to want to blame everything on the previous administration, even though the Democrats have controlled both houses since 2007 and controlled the Senate during Bush’s first term.  Every time that beta male gasbag mentions “inheriting” the recession he looks more and more like a whiner who wants to pretend that he and his fellow Fannie/Freddie Senators had nothing to do with it.  I will remind you that Obama received huge contributions from Fannie Mae while in the Senate.

FOR a guy who talks so much about wanting a new era of re sponsibility, President Obama spends an awful lot of time blaming Republicans for all the wild and reckless spending he crammed into his own budget.

After running a campaign against the $1 trillion deficit he “inherited” from President Bush and the Republicans, Obama quickly matched it. During his first 50 days in office, he and his Democratic-controlled Congress spent $1 billion an hour.

Under Obama’s proposed budget, the overall national debt doubles in five years and triples in 10.

Not exactly “moving from an era of borrow and spend to one where we save and invest,” as he promised.

Was there anything that President Obama said during the election that he has stuck by?  Hurt explains how Obama explains the enormous gap between his rhetoric and his actions by just blaming the previous guy:

“To a bunch of the critics out there, I’ve already said, show me your budget!” he told a gathering of wealthy Democratic donors this week. “I’m happy to have that debate.”

Or, another time: “I suspect that some of those Republican critics have a short memory, because as I recall I’m inheriting a $1.3 trillion deficit, annual deficit, from them.”

In other words, Obama cannot defend his decision to double down on deficit spending. So, he simply trashes Republicans.

As if voters right now are looking for somebody just not as bad as the GOP. As if his campaign slogan wasn’t “Change You Can Believe In,” but rather “Vote for Me. I’m Not as Bad as Republicans.”

That is exactly the sort of pathetic smoke and mirrors obfuscation that one expects from Ivy League beta males like Mr Obama.  Hurt closes with an analogy about Mr Obama’s style:

Surveying the political landscape here today, Obama is thinking of that adage cherished by cutthroats everywhere.

If you and a buddy are walking through the woods and encounter a hungry, angry bear, you don’t have to outrun the bear. You simply have to outrun your buddy.

Are any of you kool aid drinking myrmidons feeling any buyer’s remorse about your feel-good stupid choice for President?  Short term history will pretend that he was an okay President but long term, once people get over the racial angle a little, will be brutal when it comes to assessing the Obama presidency.

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