Respecting the presidency and the country

To say that I am not an Obama supporter would be an understatement.  I will not back down from my assertion that Barack Obama is the least qualified human being ever to be nominated to run for President by one of the two major parties.  Throughout the campaign I very much believed that he is just one of thousands of unremarkable people with a law degree from Harvard who speaks very well.  After a little more time it has become apparent that he just reads and speaks well – the teleprompter seems to be a key part of his charisma.

Admittedly, I remain stunned that America handed the reins of power to such a completely inexperienced and dangerously unvetted empty suit.  I personally have zero respect for Barack Obama the man because of his false narrative of a poor youth, his friendships with such complete radicals like Ayers and Wright and Khalidi, and the political methods that got him elected in Illinois and got him into the US Senate.  He is that odd combination of hardball-playing beta-male, but he is just words and nothing more.  I even very regularly get flashes of Steve Urkel when I see the president.

President Urkel

President Urkel

But in a lot of key ways as a proud American you have to realize that he is like having a very slimy and smarmy boss: like him or not he is the leader of our team and you have to be cognizant of how the other teams view him through you. This is something that I think that the American Left never understands or simply does not care about (Bush=Hitler, etc).

Recently I blogged about a new bumper sticker that I had made; you can view that post here – it includes a picture of the bumper sticker on my truck.  The sticker has a picture of the President on the left side with the words “Empty Suit Socialist” in big letters, then in smaller letters across the bottom it says “You Myrmidons Got Duped”.  I had it made at and was proud of it but I have peeled it off of my truck after thinking about it a lot.  I will still go toe-to-toe with any of you Obama-bots out there but I have to keep the level of respect at a certain minimum; I am a southern gentleman.

I fully believe in free speech and while I do not agree with the nonsensical idea that “dissent is the highest form of patriotism” (presumably for those idiots that dissent is trumping even military service?), I fully support the right of Americans to publicly criticize the people who work for them in government.  It truly is a wonderfully American pastime.  But while you are doing that you need to be cognizant that the words that you use and the manner that you choose to express yourself can play into the hands of people looking for reasons to criticize or hurt America.  That’s our team, people, even if the boss is a smarmy sissy boy.

I will get another sticker made, one that still makes the point that President Obama is a socialist (spare me the hair-splitting definitions of the word; that you need to take that tack on the argument proves you lose the main anti-collectivist point) without calling him an Empty Suit (which he is, but that is not the sort of thing that I want to broadcast).

I am interested in comments/thoughts on this topic.

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