America is a country, NOT a continent

I got this picture from Michelle’s post; it hacked me off enough to want to post it.

Open Borders Nonsense

Open Borders Nonsense

That is an intellectually bankrupt idea.  Just like Nancy Pelosi’s assertion that enforcing US Immigration law is “un-American”.  It really starts to make me wonder just how many illegals supported Nancy’s party in the last few elections, with help from ACORN no doubt.

As Michelle points out in her post, the Obama White House is plotting the next attempt at an amnesty:

As I noted yesterday, the next big shamnesty push is underway at the White House. And Nancy Pelosi is performing her own open-borders sideshow in the House circus tent. If her rhetoric trashing federal ICE agents sounds familiar, well, it’s because Barack Obama engaged in the same smearing during the campaign — when he accused ICE agents of “terrorizing” families.

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