Obama’s sinking, Bush-like numbers

Writing over at Truth Before Dishonor, John has some thoughts about relative polling numbers for Presidents Obama and Bush (43).  In case you have not heard, the polling numbers for Obama are very similar to those of Bush at the same time in 2001, with some polls even showing Obama running a little lower.  The latest numbers from Rasmussen show only a 4 percent gap in the strongly approve versus strongly disapprove responses (36 vs. 32, respectively).

John points out that the media is and always has been dedicated to the success of Barack Obama and he wonders whether President Obama’s numbers would be lower if the media treated him like they treated the previous president.  Even ardent conservatives admit that Mr Obama has a tough row to hoe either way, the current economic crisis would be weighing down any president’s numbers, but given the anti-capitalist, pro-government-growth actions of this president thus far I think that he deserves the bad numbers.

All historical evidence supports the conclusion that his ideologically-driven programs and proposals are going to make things worse for everyone but government.

Check out John’s post here.

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