Francis Ford Coppola’s White House

[I found this PajamasMedia story via Powerline]

Powerline pointed me to a short Nicholas Guariglia article called Welcome to Francis Ford Coppola’s White House over at Pajamas Media.  He compares the Obama administration to the Godfather family:

Rome is burning, but how does the godfather respond? By averting attention, of course. By bringing together his wartime consiglieres to go after the Tattaglias, Barzinis, and Moe Greens of his political universe. There’s Jimmy “Ragin’ Cajun” Carville, Paulie “Bag-a-Doughnuts” Begala, and “Rahm-bo” Emanuel — who knows all about making people sleep with the fishes — and Biden can be Fredo, I suppose.

And they’re mad. Oh boy, are they mad. You see, a handful of journalists, television commentators, radio personalities, and private citizens have the gumption to question President Corleone’s economic policies. And that’s a no-no. Never go against the family.

Heh!  Biden as Fredo!  That is good.  Neither of them knows when to shut up, and the hair is not a stretch either.  But his point is that, contrary to high minded claims made by candidate Obama, President-elect Obama, or President Obama, going after the people on a President’s enemies list is alive and well.

Limbaugh has, however, made it clear he wants Obama’s statism to fail — an entirely understandable position for a conservative to hold and, at last check, a totally legal opinion to have — and in response, President Obama first used Limbaugh as his own personal punchline and then sent out his henchmen, guns blazin’. Leave the capitalism; take the cannolis.

It is beneath the office of the presidency to go after a citizen on such a personal level, using political surrogates to mock a man’s weight and previous drug addiction all to align him with, and thus undermine, your political opponents. Is this what Obama meant when he invoked biblical scripture during his inaugural speech and proclaimed “the time has come to set aside childish things”?

He points out more people who [foolishly?] spoke out against the Obama administration and the contrast with the previous administration’s response:

But Limbaugh’s not alone. The Obama administration has gone after CNBC’s Rick Santelli for challenging Obama’s economic proposals. They have attacked the apolitical stock analyst Jim Cramer for disagreeing with their spend-spend-and-spend theories. And remember the dual Obama camp-media onslaught of Sam Wurzelbacher, a private citizen who, upon seeing the Democratic presidential nominee campaigning in his neighborhood, had the “audacity” (pun intended) to ask Obama an economics question — a question simultaneously simple and yet sadly the toughest of Obama’s campaign?

Did the purportedly fascistic Texan ogre George Bush behave like this? Did his administration go after Bill Maher, for instance? Or Maureen Dowd or Keith Olbermann? What about that guy who called Bush a tyrannical murderer at a town hall meeting? As the crowd booed, Bush implored his supporters to let the man speak and then answered the man’s grievances. Was this private citizen’s life uprooted by administration officials and media investigative research? Does he owe any taxes? Does he tip well at restaurants? Does he have an ex-wife and does she hate him?

Guariglia draws harsh conclusions about the new administration.

It hasn’t even been two months and we now know, with absolute empirical certitude, that Barack Obama’s pledge to bring civility and post-partisanship to Washington was a bunch of baloney. This is the Chicago machine all over again.

From the get-go, Obama has had some trouble with moral clarity. Hamas and Hezbollah To go after private citizens, journalists, and people on radio and television with such vitriol is unprecedented in contemporary American politics. This is not how a man who occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is supposed to conduct himself. Michael Corleone once assuaged his brother’s fears by saying, “It isn’t personal. It’s strictly business.”

President Corleone seems to think it’s just the opposite.

Read Guariglia’s PJ Media entry here.

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