Howie still in love with Barry

Sometimes I wonder if someone like Howard Fineman was able to keep a straight face while penning a ridiculous love note to America about Obama.  Either way, the embarassing man-crush is still on for Fineman.  Writing in Newsweek (another thinly veiled Obama newsletter), he pushes some whoppers:

Surfer that he is, President Obama should know a riptide when he’s in one. The center usually is the safest, most productive place in politics, but perhaps not now, not in a once-in-a-century economic crisis.

Swimming in the middle, he’s denounced as a socialist by conservatives, criticized as a polite accommodationist by government-is-the-answer liberals, and increasingly, dismissed as being in over his head by technocrats.

The center?  The middle?  How much of a hard-core Marxist must Howard Fineman be if he judges Obama’s actions as President as being from the center?  One wonders what someone would have to do to be judged as a leftist by Fineman.  And how could anyone not know by now that Obama is indeed one of those “government-is-the-answer liberals” that Fineman cites?

Be careful here with your coffee or you may end up spewing it at your screen.

Obama may be mistaking motion for progress, calling signals for a game plan. A busy, industrious overachiever, he likes to check off boxes on a long to-do list. A genial, amenable guy, he likes to appeal to every constituency, or at least not write off any. A beau ideal of Harvard Law, he can’t wait to tackle extra-credit answers on the exam.

But there is only one question on this great test of American fate: can he lead us away from plunging into another Depression?

Industrious overachiever?  Where did this myth come from?  Sure, he got a law degree from Harvard.  That is likely hard but there are thousands of people who have that same accomplishment and, like Obama, it does not qualify them for President.  But he won both his IL Senate seat and his US Senate seat by getting his opponents’ divorce records unsealed.  Apparently that really impresses people like Fineman, intoxicated by his man-crush on the empty suit who wins elections by getting his opponents knocked out of the race.  And let’s talk about Depression… FDR inherited a recession just like Obama.  FDR took advantage of raw fear and seized more government powers while raising taxes on the most productive members of society, like Obama.  FDR pushed the American economy into a depression, just as Obama is threatening to do.  It seems that Fineman, like Obama, never took ECON 101 while attending his elite schools.

Go look up “beau ideal”… there are two definitions.  The first is “the concept of perfect beauty” and the second is “an idealized type or model”.  Fineman would have us believe that his use of the word was the latter definition, but his blind adoration of Obama would suggest that it is in fact the former.

He also said that Obama “likes to appeal to every constituency”.  What about those bitter people here in the South who he says cling to our guns and religion?  To Fineman, flyover country rednecks must not count.  Fineman is just a typical out of touch elitist – the very people who got us into this mess.

Fineman lists a bunch of points that the President’s critics are making that he claims are false, but most are spot on.  One that jumps out:

Obama is no socialist, but critics argue that now is not the time for costly, upfront spending on social engineering in health care, energy or education.

Perhaps someone should tell Fineman that “socialist” is not an ethnic or religious term but is in fact a description that is based upon an individual’s actions and belief set.  Obama is a socialist, Howie.  Either Fineman is so far to the Left himself that he thinks he is the center or he is, like a woman smitten with a bad man, too blinded by his sad man-crush on Obama to see the truth – not unlike Rihanna with that Chris Brown punk.

Fineman closes with a conclusion that does not match the laundry list of accurate criticisms that he quoted and dismissed:

Other than all that, in the eyes of the big shots, he is doing fine. The American people remain on his side, but he has to be careful that the gathering judgment of the Bigs doesn’t trickle down to the rest of us.

Sure, the hard left and the loser class (sorry to be redundant) remain on his side.  They want more collectivism.  They want a government that will give them more of other peoples’ property.  Perhaps someone should show Howie how the President’s approval rating continues to drop with regular people, particularly with the middle-to-right people who were trying to give him a chance.

Has Howard Fineman ever been anything more than just a partisan hack for the left?

Read his screed here.

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